Wedding Attire for a Destination Wedding

When it comes to destination wedding attire, you might not be sure what to wear. We’ve done a feature like this before so if none of these options suit you, check out some more options here! There are different styles, colours, and beautiful dresses that you might be excited to wear for your friend or relatives wedding!


Firstly, the jumpsuit is one of my favourite outfits for wedding attire. The reason I love this option is because it can be flattering, comfortable to dance in, and unique. I suggest wearing this to a sunset ceremony or for the reception. You might find it too hot for the afternoon.

Wedding Attire


Although these might be bridesmaid dresses, I still think this is a lovely dress. Something strapless and pastel colours are a nice touch. You can match these dresses with fantastic accessories, and they will be perfect for the warm weather.

Wedding Attire Destination Wedding


I wanted to include plus size options because I don’t think enough blogs showcase women of all shapes and sizes. You can be bold with the different print, sleek with a jumpsuit, or dress it up. The best thing to do if you are stuck is to talk to the bride to see what she is expecting her guests to wear.

Plus Size Wedding Attire


Magenta and gold is a deadly combination. Finding a dress like this won’t be too difficult to find, plus the accessories make the dress stand out. Don’t be afraid to pick a bold colour, and destination weddings are meant to be colourful and a chance for you to show some skin.

Destination Wedding Attire


Now, I love this picture. I included one picture with some male options just in case your partner is stuck on something to wear as well. Pick a colour that complements each other so photos of you two will be memorable. If you want to check out some more Men’s Attire, take a look here.

Liz Moore Wedding Attire


Also, if you don’t like bright colours and want to keep things a little simpler, this is a beautiful option for wedding attire. It still shows off your figure, but the dark shades may complement your skin tone, hair colour, or figure. Plus, you might want something more open due to the hot weather.


Lastly, I recommend this option if you are looking to be more covered up. You don’t have to make a statement with skin but you can with colours. This dress is also an excellent option because its comfortable and can be worn again.

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