Jewel Palm Beach

Ideal for: Couples looking for a family friendly resort that has plenty of activities and amenities for a perfect destination wedding and vacation.

500 Rooms

All Inclusive

Family Friendly

Resort Summary

What I love about Jewel Palm Beach Punta Cana is the sheer size of this property. This 5-star resort is filled with great activities for the entire family. You and your guests will find an excellent arrangement of international and local cuisine, completely remodeled rooms, and beautiful ocean views.

When it comes to leaving the resort, you will find the excellent concierge will assist you with any adventure you want to take part in during your destination wedding. The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country with plenty of great sightseeing and excursions for the whole family. Let Jewel Palm Beach be the one to help you discover it.

Jewel Palm Beach Accommodations

Most of the rooms have private whirlpools and of course, 24/7 room service! Something that you will always find the Jewels properties is the excellent staff. 

Jewel Palm Beach Amenities

Of course Jewel Palm Beach is loaded with amenities and activities for all ages.  Whether it is water sports like kayaking or snorkeling or spending some time in the fitness center, you will find it at this Jewels resort.

For those who prefer a quieter relaxing vacation, the Spa is worth checking our or simply spend some time at the main pool or the stunning sandy beach.

Why Book Your Destination Wedding at Jewel Palm Beach Amenities?

Jewel Palm Beach emerges as an enchanting destination for couples envisioning a wedding that perfectly balances luxury with the natural allure of a beachside setting. This resort, with its pristine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, offers an idyllic backdrop for saying “I do.” While specific details about Jewel Palm Beach’s offerings, such as wedding packages and amenities, are not explicitly provided, one can infer that, like its contemporaries, it emphasizes creating unforgettable experiences for those looking to celebrate their love in a truly spectacular location.

Jewel Palm Beach stands out for its dedication to crafting personalized wedding experiences that reflect each couple’s unique love story and wedding vision. The resort likely prides itself on offering a range of services and amenities tailored to make wedding celebrations both memorable and seamless. Here’s why considering Jewel Palm Beach for your destination wedding could be the dream choice:

Breathtaking Beachside Ceremonies: At the heart of any Jewel Palm Beach Wedding is the allure of its stunning beachside setting. The gentle sound of waves, soft white sands, and the endless ocean horizon create a naturally romantic atmosphere that’s hard to replicate. This picturesque setting ensures your wedding photos capture the essence of your love against the backdrop of nature’s unparalleled beauty.

Exclusive Wedding Services: While specific details may vary, resorts like Jewel Palm Beach typically offer comprehensive wedding services that cover everything from the ceremony to the reception. Couples can expect customizable options that range from floral arrangements and decor to gourmet catering and entertainment, all designed to align with their vision and preferences.

Luxury Accommodations and Amenities: For the wedding party and guests, the experience is heightened by the resort’s luxury accommodations and top-tier amenities. From plush rooms and suites that offer comfort and elegance to a variety of dining and leisure activities, everyone can find something to enjoy. This ensures that the wedding celebration is not just a single day of joy but an extended luxury vacation for all involved.

Personalized Planning Support: Planning a destination wedding can seem daunting, but resorts like Jewel Palm Beach typically provide the expertise of on-site wedding planners. These professionals are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your wedding, from the initial planning stages to the final farewell, is executed flawlessly. Their local knowledge and attention to detail mean that every element, no matter how small, is considered and perfected.

Choosing Jewel Palm Beach for your destination wedding offers more than just a beautiful location; it provides the promise of a celebration that is as stress-free as it is stunning. The combination of exquisite natural beauty, personalized services, and luxury accommodations makes it a prime choice for couples looking to make their wedding day truly exceptional. While specific offerings might vary, the essence of a Jewel Palm Beach wedding is about creating moments that you and your guests will cherish for a lifetime.

Weddings at

Jewel Palm Beach

The wedding coordinators are prepared to make all of your wedding dreams try with fantastic wedding packages, plenty of ceremony and reception options, and anything else you need. I highly recommend checking out the wedding gazebo for your ceremony. It’s stunning!

Once you land in Punta Cana International Airport, you and your guests are only 20 minutes away from Dreams Palm Beach.Jewel