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We are Kristy and Shaina, best friends and founders of Save the Date Beauty | Mobile Stylists specializing in Weddings, Engagements and Special Events. Firstly, we began with the goal of uniting our love of fun and laughter with helping women look and feel beautiful. We love natural beauty, adventure, traveling and destination weddings are one of the sweetest parts of what we do.


Why weddings? Why destination weddings in Mexico?

We love love for a start and being a part of a wedding you are surrounded by it. So, we fell in love with helping women feel amazing and having the honour to share in the support and excitement of their loved ones on such a special day. We never leave a wedding without a round of hugs.

Travelling and the sense of adventure. We love getting to see new places and continue to discover new things about places we have been. Destination weddings are such a unique way to connect with our brides and create an incredible sense of trust and friendship, that we will be there no matter what the distance. Also, we love the spirit of couples who want to make their wedding a unique and memorable celebration. What could be more memorable than a tropical destination complete with sun, sand, and sea!

What is the most common question you receive?

Is it sweat/cry/waterproof??? The answer is YES. We take utmost pride and care to choose products that will last from morning to night, keeping your look fresh and beautiful all day long!

A close second is, do you offer airbrushing? The answer is YES. Airbrushing is fantastic, giving an utterly flawless, long-lasting look, without a ton of product. Almost all of our brides choose it because it makes you feel glamourous.

What makes you special? Tell us about one of your recent weddings?

US! May sound a little cheeky, but it’s true. We love to listen to our brides, just like a best friend. We are there to guide you, make you feel beautiful, top up your bubbles and enhance the mood to give you the most fantastic experience with you and your besties.

It’s so hard to choose just one. This past season was beyond incredible, and we are so lucky to have such sweet and genuine brides.

A significant stand out this year was our lovely bride Kelsey. Right from the first meeting, her personality and sense of humour completely charmed us. On top of that, she had a gorgeous destination wedding on the Sunshine Coast, getting ready in a beautiful villa, full of natural light. She was super fun, an impeccable host, and surrounded by an equally incredible group of ladies. We honestly felt like we were at one of our best friends weddings, we still keep in touch!

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