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Secrets Vallarta Bay Weddings


Ideal for: Couples looking for a luxurious adults-only resort that is close to shopping, excursions, and nightlife for your guests looking to have extra fun.

311 Rooms
All Inclusive
Adults Only

Secrets Vallarta Bay Resort Summary

Secrets Vallarta Bay Wedding Accommodations

I love everything about the accommodation offering at Secrets Vallarta Bay. I’ve stayed here several times, and each time I grow more in love with this property. Rooms are all beautifully situated in close and closer proximity to Banderas Bay, where beautiful ocean sunsets are a given. This resort also offers the preferred club suites, which are more spacious, provide the Preferred club lounge along with additional amenities. This resort even offers spacious swim out suites located closest to the ocean for your convenience.

Secrets Vallarta Bay Wedding Amenities

We love Secrets Vallarta Bay because you will be pampered the moment you walk into this beautiful resort. When it comes to your destination wedding, you want to make sure that when you arrive, you are in good hands, well the service at this particular resort is top-notch. The rooms are spacious, and there are swim-out suites available that are close to the beach. What we also love about this resort is they have regular activities, a great tennis court with lessons if you need it, and it’s tranquil. When it comes to booking your destination wedding at a chain like Secrets, you know that you are going to everything you need for your special day.

Another great thing about this resort is its location in Puerto Vallarta. It’s less than 15-minutes away from the international airport, which is perfect for guests looking to not travel too far after their flight. Plus, it’s also less than 15-minutes away from the Malecon. The Malecon is a great area that has everything you need, a beach, shops, restaurants, and spectacular nightlife.

Why Book Your Destination Wedding at Secrets Vallarta Bay?

Secrets Vallarta Bay offers an exclusive and romantic setting for your destination wedding, where the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean and the golden sands of Puerto Vallarta create a majestic backdrop for your special day. A Secrets Vallarta Bay wedding encapsulates the essence of luxury and intimacy, promising a celebration that is both unforgettable and uniquely yours. The resort specializes in creating bespoke wedding experiences, ensuring that from the cocktail hour to the final dance, every moment is tailored to the wedding couple’s desires.

The resort’s stunning ocean views provide the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony, where up to 75 guests can witness your vows against the breathtaking backdrop of Vallarta Bay. Following the ceremony, guests can enjoy a sophisticated cocktail hour, offering an elegant start to the festivities. This is an ideal time for guests to mingle and savor handcrafted drinks, all while soaking in the spectacular scenery that surrounds the resort.

Continuing the celebration, a meticulously planned dinner reception awaits. Secrets Vallarta Bay prides itself on its exceptional culinary offerings, with menus that can be customized to cater to any taste or dietary requirement. The dinner reception, whether set on a panoramic terrace or in a chic indoor venue, promises an exquisite dining experience complemented by those same mesmerizing ocean views that define the resort.

The commitment of Secrets Vallarta Bay to provide an unparalleled wedding day experience is evident in its attention to detail and personalized service. The resort’s on-site wedding team is dedicated to ensuring that the wedding couple’s vision comes to life, orchestrating everything from the décor to the timeline of events with precision and care. This allows the couple to relax and immerse themselves fully in the joy and love of their wedding day, confident that every aspect is being expertly managed.

In essence, choosing Secrets Vallarta Bay for your destination wedding means embracing a celebration marked by elegance, breathtaking beauty, and an unwavering focus on making your wedding day as perfect and memorable as possible. With its stunning venues, exceptional service, and idyllic location, Secrets Vallarta Bay stands out as a premier choice for couples seeking a truly remarkable wedding experience.

Weddings at

Secrets Vallarta Bay

I have worked on many destination weddings here, and the wedding planners are second to none. Exceptional service is what keeps me and my team and my clients coming back over and over to this beautiful property. I have also worked on several South Asian weddings here at Secrets Vallarta Bay as the resort lends itself perfectly to smaller and larger extravagant wedding options. They even offer an Indian chef who expertly creates those excellent Indian dishes your guests will appreciate.We look forward to helping you with the destination wedding of your dreams here at Secrets!

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