Jamaican destination weddings are getting increasingly popular these days. It’s no wonder why, with almost 700 miles of pristine white sand beaches and many outstanding wedding locations. And Jamaica wedding packages are perfect for all budgets. However, this is a location you’ll want to have expert travel advice. Jamaica offers three major destination wedding all-inclusive resort areas: Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios.

Montego Bay is ideal for wedding groups who want to get closer to the Sangster International Airport. Being an iconic tourist hub, you and your guests can enjoy abundant shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. And you are known for its famous haunted house excursions to Rose Hall. Och Rios’, located approximately two hours from the Sangster International Airport, will offer many tours and excursions. Try rainforest ziplining, waterfall climbing, and boutique shopping, all close to your chosen resort.

And last but not least, Negril Jamaica is located on the Southwestern coast of Jamaica. Here you’ll find the famous 7-mile beach with literally miles of some of the best beachfront in the world. It’s a beach wedding lover’s dream location, perfect for your toes in the sand big day celebration. This location has fewer inclusive resorts, but we have a few tried-and-true dream all-inclusive resort locations for your consideration. 

Our best tip for your beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime Jamaica beach wedding is to speak with our dedicated wedding travel experts. They know all the tips & tricks to get you everything you desire for your dream destination wedding in Jamaica!


So you have decided to have your big day celebration in Jamaica. With year-round temperatures rarely dipping below 25 C, Jamaica is a super location for a destination wedding. Jamaica has no shortage of sunshine year-round for choosing the best wedding venues. So let’s talk Jamaica weather! 

In breaking down the months, you’ll want to note that December can be the most popular month for a beach wedding. The welcoming Caribbean Sea is warm enough not to worry about those 7-mile white-sand beach days! In January and February, you have the slightest chance of rain. However, keep in mind the resort’s peak at this time guest-wise as well as pricing. 

If dry weather is your biggest concern, December through April will be your target months. If you are considering a mid-season wedding such as May and June, you’ll still be out of the most humid times. However, this season is known for sporadic bursts of rainfall that can last up to 30 minutes on average. Of course, it can be more or less rainy, which is always a guess with beautiful, tropical places such as Jamaica. July is becoming more and more popular for Caribbean Destination weddings. 

The summer season can be very workable for guests with children attending, teachers, and other guests who may have more time off in the summer. July, August, and September rates can also be cheaper during this period. It is considered a low season regarding rates and can also have lower occupancy. Remember that heat and humidity will be at their highest at this time. So booking a wedding ceremony later in the day is a good plan.

And last but not least is the mid-peak season which is the months of October and November. Slightly better pricing than December makes this a great option. The wedding planning team will always have a plan B wedding location for you during possible rain. It doesn’t have to affect the party or the fun when celebrating your Jamaica beach wedding!


Destination weddings are always so memorable and exciting. It’s the opportunity to combine a fantastic vacation and a wedding! You’ll want to maximize your time around your big day. Here are some great options for you to consider. 

Depending on your wedding location, visiting Cockpit Country is a fantastic way to check out Jamaica’s beautiful landscape. It is located in the heart of Jamaica and was home to the Maroons in the 1700s. It’s perfect for your guest who wants to learn more about Jamaica’s fascinating cultural heritage. Or consider a hike in Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountains. It’s a chance to view scenic and breathtaking mountain views, along with the white sand beaches below that jamaica destination wedding locations are known for. 

Dunns’ River Falls is the perfect group excursion if you consider wedding planning in the Ocho Rios area. It’s a must-experience excursion before or after your big day celebration. How about a group horseback riding excursion at the renowned Rose Hall location?

For guests looking beyond sparkling wine, you’ll want to take a rum tour at Appleton Estates or Hampden Estate Rum Tours. You may love it so much that you’ll want to add a touch of rum to your wedding cake! 7 Mile Beach in Negril is one of the world’s most sought-after white sand beaches. And Negril Jamaica is where you want to be if beach activities are at the top of your list. And don’t forget a visit to 9-mile Bob Marley, his hometown. For those Reggie music lovers, it’s a must. There is much to see and experience here in Jamaica, and we are here to assist in all—your Jamaica wedding planning needs.


Enjoying an exotic location for your wedding is one of the most exciting occasions you’ll have.  So, of course, it has to be perfect for you and all your beloved guests.  You probably have a plethora of questions on the do’s and don’ts of having a beach wedding in Jamaica.  Therefore we’ve summarized our top list of critical questions to determine if a Jamaican-inclusive resort wedding is for you.  

Don’t assume you will be covering your guest’s costs.  Guests are happy to pay for their airfare and accommodations as part of their regular vacation planning.  But do give your guests enough time to make work and travel arrangements.  And don’t forget to create a must-have guest list.  These are the people you cannot live without at your wedding.  

Do employ the services of a destination wedding travel expert to determine which resorts will suit your overall wishlist and budget.  So you can understand which Jamaica-inclusive resorts offer the most attractive wedding locations, venues, and favorable concessions.  You’ll want to double check dates they can make the trip before confirming a wedding date with the wedding planning team.  It will ensure your big day will include your biggest fan club.  

Create a list of events you want on your dream wedding day.  And we are happy to assist with sure-fire crowd pleasures, such as a pre-wedding cocktail reception.  Or even a bonfire reception on the beach if offered by your chosen all-inclusive resort.  A goody bag filled with customized wedding knickknacks is a charming add-on your guests will truly appreciate and can be easily arranged by the on-site wedding planner.  

Consider making a group Whatsapp before departure to keep everyone in the loop once you are all on-site at your all-inclusive resort.   We’ll assist with everything you could dream of for your Jamaica Wedding date festivities. 

What we love about Jamaica Wedding Resorts is the picturesque view you will have for your dream wedding. The warm air and beautiful beach is the perfect setting to exchange vows in front of your guests, and the crystal blue sea will have you feeling like royalty.

What is Included in Your Jamaica Destination Wedding

Liz Moore Destination Weddings is here to help you find the perfect location and resort for your Jamaica destination wedding. We want to hear your vision of your dream wedding. Whether it’s a fantastic beach, beautiful amenities, lots of activities, or all of the above, our service provides all planning for your Jamaican destination wedding. We are here to find you the best deal when it comes to travel. Our site provides all the resort pictures and information you need. Not to mention the reception options available at each resort.

Destination weddings can differ from price and size, depending on the location and resort. The reason we highly recommend booking our service is  of all the extensive options available. You most likely have no idea where to start and what resorts have what you are looking for, especially when it comes to your wedding. Whether you want a small intimidate wedding, or a significant event, there are resorts available to accommodate what you require for your dream wedding.

The best part is that all of our services are free and our consultation services are complimentary. Our goal is to help you find the perfect place for your wedding and have the most stress-free time possible. Browse our wedding resorts  in NegrilMontego Bay and Ocho Rios and start planning today.


With so many picture-perfect beaches, all-inclusive sorts, and world-renowned activities, it’s no wonder Jamaica wedding venues are so popular these days for experiencing a beach wedding. And we have great Jamaica wedding planning tips and tricks to make your destination wedding memorable! 

Giving your guests welcome bags filled with authentic Jamaica-made products is a fantastic option. Your wedding planning on-site coordinator will gladly assist with providing these product options. And should you wish to arrive early and check out the local craft markets, your wedding planning team can deliver these to your guest’s rooms upon your request. 

How about de-stressing after that long flight with a rejuvenating spa day? And better yet, pre-set up your spa appointment at your preferred resort for a couples massage! Our selected inclusive resorts all have lovely spa treatment centers. 

One of the best ways to welcome your beloved guests is with a welcome cocktail party. Be sure to add some flavourful Jerk dishes and live Caribbean music if the budget allows. Now that is a great way to get your pre-big day events off to a great start. Your chosen all-inclusive resort will have cocktail wedding venues for you to consider. 

Once your guests have safely arrived, now is the time to set up a group adventure; we’re here to help you choose some of Jamaica’s best excursions. Get your beautiful wedding day glow on with a fun-filled day at the one and only 7-mile beach. Jamaica’s white sand beaches are divine and the perfect excuse for a full day of relaxation at the beach. There is much to experience and enjoy with Jamaica’s wedding packages and activities!

Why Book Your Jamaica Destination Wedding With Liz Moore

The reason we consider ourselves experts is because our knowledge and experience is planning destination weddings. Our agents have personally visited all the locations, inspected the resorts, tried the food, and even experienced the excursions. We have extensive research that we can’t wait to share with you to help you find the ideal place for you and your guests.

We provide highly personalized service for our future brides and grooms. Also, we are available whenever you need us. What this means is either day, night, or even weekends, we want to answer all of those questions that you have about destination weddings. It’s time to start having fun planning your dream destination wedding!

If you are ready to start exploring your options, check out some of the locations we have provided for you! If you aren’t sure exactly what you want, we encourage you to contact us now for a free consultation!

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