7 Wedding Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Are you ready for 2018? Well, we have 7 Wedding Trends to look out for in the upcoming year. If you are looking for some inspiration or unique ideas, check out the trends below. Also, if you think we missed something, tell us in the comments below. Or, if you want to see some other trending topics, click here.

1. Wedding Dresses

So, I looked at the Berta Fall 2018 Collection and let me tell you what I discovered. It seems that when it comes to wedding dress trends, plunge necklines and sheer seem to be a popular design. The reason I think these two features will be a favorite for destination weddings is because they are perfect for hot weather. Plus, they are sexy and will make you feel even more beautiful on your special day.

Liz Moore Wedding Dress Liz Moore 2018 Trends

2. Colour Scheme

Another 2018 trend that I came across is a beautiful dusty rose and green colour scheme. It’s simple, elegant, and a perfect colour for bridesmaid dresses! Also, I like it because it’s great for a destination wedding, you don’t always have to go with tropical colours because you are in a tropical location. You can have the lavish wedding you have always wanted but in paradise.

Destination Wedding Colours

3. Cutting Your Guest List

I know what you are thinking, how? How will you reduce your guest list? Well, it’s becoming a more significant trend and will most likely be more popular in 2018. One of the reasons we love destination weddings is because it gives you the opportunity to travel with the people you are closest with in your life. When you have a smaller guest list, it means you can have a more intimate wedding with less stress.

Destination Wedding Guest list

4. Popular Food

Chicken or fish? Why do weddings insist on having traditional food? 2018 is going to be about what you actually want and pushing away from tradition. Why not have pizza, burgers, a taco bar, or donuts? Eat the food that makes you happy on your special day, your guests will appreciate it.

Destination Wedding Food

5. Marble & Copper

Yes, marble and rose gold have crept its way into 2017. I have a feeling that we are going to see it a lot more of them both in 2018. Personally, I like them separately for decor than together, but each to their own! I think they are great options because it looks beautiful and you also have the opportunity to get them at a good price.

Destination Wedding Decor

6. Pearls

Pearls are making a comeback! Experts believe that 2018 might be the year that we see lots of pearls on brides. Whether it’s jewelry, hair accessories, or even on shoes, pearls might be the perfect addition to your wedding attire. It also brings back some nostalgia to brides who want to add a little tradition to their wedding.

7 Wedding Trends

7. Top Location of 2018

Lastly on our 7 Wedding Trends for 2018 is a location. In our expert opinion, one of the most popular locations for 2018 is the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico. The beaches, excursions, and resorts are merely stunning and fun. There are properties that can accommodate every price range and bring all the luxury you want for your destination wedding. We are in love with this location and will always recommend it because we have had nothing but excellent feedback about it.

Popular wedding locations

7 Wedding Trends to Look Out for in 2018

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