10 Top Tips for Wedding Planning

Where to begin when it comes to wedding planning! It can be overwhelming at times. Especially if you are in the beginning stages. It can feel a bit overwhelming at times. And there are so many things you will want to consider when planning your wedding. From wedding rings to location to overall budget. Here are our 10 Top Tips for Wedding Planning!

Wedding planning at its best


Great planning results in complete beauty! Jody Koolwijk Photography

#1 Finding That Perfect Ring- Top Tip

There are a plethora of wedding ring options out there to choose from. And I have the perfect store for you. My top tip for wedding rings is from this beautiful collection of women wedding bands. Choose from the beautiful and timeless infinity band. I personally love the gold half diamond Baguette ring. It will sparkle endlessly throughout your wedding ceremony. And best of all it will last a lifetime. Just as you both will too! One of my photography top tips for wedding planning is to have your photographer take a picture of your rings together. There are so many amazing and original destination wedding photographs to draw inspiration from.

top tip is to Plan for a wedding picture of your rings

#2  Your Beloved Guest List -Essential Wedding Planning tip 

One of the most important factors when planning a destination wedding is your guest list. A top tip for this is to consider where they are all coming from. And the distance they will have to fly to arrive at your destination. There are wonderful wedding options throughout Mexico for example. Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos will be very appealing to guests on the Pacific side. Whereas guests coming from the Eastern United States and Canada may prefer Cancun. And the Riviera Maya area.

#3 Picking a theme – Wedding Planning 101 

One of the first things you need to consider is your colour scheme. This may be needed initially in order to create your wedding website. These colours will dictate what your site colours are. And also play into what you envision for your ceremony and reception. From the flowers, the venue and table dressings. We have a great top planning tip for you with The Knot for their wonderful options for wedding websites. And best of all they are entirely free to set up. We offer a complimentary wedding invitation. And it works so well with a personalized wedding website. We even have an amazing supplier that offers their own website. Guests can book indirectly for the rooms and vacation stays.

A little great decor can go along way. Beautiful destination wedding decor


A little planning can go a long way! Amber Kelley Photography.

#4 Research, Research – Another Top Tip for your special day 

This is where we really shine when it comes to destination weddings. For couples, it can truly be daunting to try and find the perfect resort. Never mind the perfect location to go along with it. You will want to run, not walk to a dedicated wedding travel specialist. It may be my number one out of the 10 Top Tips for Wedding Planning. And this is because a destination wedding specialist will be able to assist with this research. She or he will be able to offer a wonderful selection of resorts for you within your chosen destination. Or even suggest the best locations based on your unique guest list. I found some wonderful locations you can browse through at Brides.com. How romantic are they!

#5 Get a binder- Top Wedding Planning Need 

Another one of my 10 Top Tips for Wedding Planning is a binder. I know so simple. A binder can be your best friend when planning your wedding. There are so many options to choose from. And a binder will keep them all in place for you. It’s the best way to streamline the organization. And don’t forget to stock up on those sticky notes, calendars, checklists. And anything else you feel you could use to make your planning go seamlessly. Now watch it all come together in the most beautiful fashion. 

Top Wedding tip- A beautiful tropical surrounding


Love this amazing backdrop for ceremony. Wedding planning can work out to perfection!

#6 Budgeting Correctly Truly a Top Planning Tip 

It is so exciting when you first begin planning your destination wedding. There are so many elements to choose from. And they all come with a price tag. It’s very important to sit down together and go over your general budget. This is where destination weddings are so much easier than a traditional wedding. All-inclusive wedding resorts have wedding packages. These are pre-set up with all kinds of inclusions. And it, therefore, makes it easy to plan your budget out. The wedding planners can advise how many guests are included in the package. And the additional costs per person after that amount. Resorts have flower options, bands, photographers available. All well set up to make your budget as simple as possible. Just be sure to set aside 15% of your budget early on. That way if you go a bit over, you are covered!

#7  Top Wedding Planning Tip- Get it in Writing 

Having a binder will really help keep you organized. It will allow you to see all your projected expenses. But also provide you with the paperwork you need to be organized. And be sure to have everything in writing. This comes at the top of my 10 Top Tips for Wedding Planning. Wedding resorts will provide contracts for you to sign initially. This will be for holding your wedding date. And they will require another deposit closer to your wedding date. They have everything well in place for you document wise.

You will be working with a travel agent during the planning process. And they too should have their own wedding contract for you. This will give you any perks and credits for booking your group. Along with additional cocktail or bonfire receptions that may be included in your group booking. Speaking of great wedding tips. We have a wonderful Liz Moore Exclusive with Dreams Jade Resort and Spa right now. With our groups booked in 2022 we can offer a complimentary bonfire reception. Now that is a sweet deal!

Sunset beach wedding with bride and groom and palm trees and beach


Costa Rica Weddings are stunning. White Diamond Photography

#8 Top Destination Wedding Locations- Plan Ahead 

As mentioned previously you’ll want to select the perfect location for your wedding. And sometimes that means getting detailed information from your travel specialist. For instance, Costa Rica has amazing waterfalls. And beautiful Iconic Volcano backdrops. Couples see these images and dream to marry there. Costa Rica is no double a beautiful destination. However, areas that offer waterfalls and volcanos are not within proximity to all-inclusive resorts. therefore costs can escalate quickly. Along with extended travel times. Which may not be conducive to groups with small children attending. Mexico is the number one location in the world for Destination Weddings. And it’s mainly because they offer outstanding resorts and beautiful beaches. There are numerous flights going into Mexico daily from all over the world. And there are so many unique locations within Mexico to marry. And we know all about them!

#9 Consider The Timing – When to Go 

This is one of the most asked questions from our destination wedding couples. When is the best time to get married abroad. And my answer is every day of the year! But seriously there are better times to go when it comes to weather. And also best group pricing. Some can be determined by the exact location. For instance, Los Cabos Mexico gets minimum rain year-round. Whereas the Riviera Maya of Mexico can have more tropical storms later in the summer months. And there are ideal vacation times that can often price much better than others. That is where we come in. We do all the research in order to provide the best possible pricing options. Not only within your chosen time. But also between suppliers to give you the very best pricing options.

#10 Accommodation – Where on Earth Do We book! 

We are experiencing some of the most highly booked out resorts these days. This is because throughout 2020 there was nowhere to go. And everyone got a bit stir crazy, understandably. But now the rush is one to book 2022 and 2023 weddings. For these reasons, we highly recommend booking as far out as you can. Getting a group blook is also essential. It means your rates will stay the same throughout your travel booking period. And that is so important when it comes to providing the best possible pricing for your guests.

These are just some of the Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding you need to consider when planning. It truly does make for a less stressful, and more joyful experience. Looking for that perfect ring.  Check out our engagement ring tips! And we’ve got you covered for amazing wedding dress advice too! We’d love to hear about your top tips and advice for your wonderful wedding plans!