Six Reasons to Get Married at the Beach

Choosing your wedding venue is an exciting time in the wedding planning process. This is the time to really make your dream wedding a reality. While there are so many venue options, there’s nothing quite like the beach. The warm sun on your face, the sound of the crashing waves, and the smell of the ocean breeze can simply not be beaten. If you’re still deciding which venue is right for you, read on for our top six reasons to get married on the beach!

#1. Gorgeous view

Gorgeous View

The first and most obvious reason is, of course, the incredible view. Whether you want to have a sunrise ceremony, midday matrimony, or sunset nuptial, you’ll be surrounded by a stunning panoramic view. Do a little research beforehand to find the perfect beach with the most beautiful backdrop for your big day.

When you’re on the beach, any location is a destination wedding. If an international wedding isn’t in the cards, check out some of the great beaches right here in the U.S. From West Coast treasures like Lover’s Point Beach in California, to East Coast landscapes like the Outer Banks in North Carolina, there are a number of gorgeous beaches to choose from.

#2. Easy on the bank

One of the main benefits of a beach wedding is the minimal cost. While some venues pose a significant financial commitment, beach weddings can take that stress away. That’s not to say there are no other costs involved, especially if this is an all-inclusive or destination event. However, this allows you to invest more money into other areas of your wedding. Those extra funds could go toward your dress, photographer, destination wedding planner, or even your honeymoon. Looking for things to save versus splurge on for your wedding day can be a great way to set limitations, but still, create a beautiful event. Using a wedding budgeting tool can help you de-stress during the planning process by staying organized and making sure you have the ability to allocate money accordingly.

If finances are tight and you need more help than a budgeting tool, it’s important to look into other ways to free up some money for wedding expenses. In 2019 (before the pandemic), the average wedding cost was $28,000. You won’t find that in between the couch cushions! If you and your partner already live together and are looking for more sizable ways to free up money for the big day, you could consider refinancing your mortgage. If you feel a little strapped for cash, this is a great way to revaluate your current payments and find another solution that could work for you.

#3. Relaxed vibe

For the carefree bride and groom, there’s nothing better than a barefoot bridal experience. Forgo the cummerbund and cuff links and swap them out for button-downs and khakis. Let your hair down to catch the breeze and let the warm sand sink in between your toes. This makes for a great experience for your guests, as they can also be comfortable as they dress for the occasion. Whatever you do, don’t forget the sunscreen!

#4. Great getaway

Great getaway

Not only will this be the wedding of your dreams, but it’ll also be a mini vacation for your family and guests. Beach weddings are the perfect excuse for guests to enjoy some much-needed time off. These ceremonies also tend to have a more intimate feel, and it’s a great opportunity to make memories with loved ones.

Ensure your beach wedding is the ideal getaway by minimizing stress on your guests. Make sure there is no confusion around dates, travel times, dress code, travel essentials, etc. Work with your wedding planner to come up with lists and reminders to be sent out before your big day. With arrangements made ahead of time, there will be significantly less stress on you and your guests as you count down the days until you walk towards the altar.

#5. Destination opportunities

Destination opportunities

Do you really have your heart set on a true international destination wedding? Let’s break out the destination wedding binder and talk details! When it comes to having your wedding in a totally foreign place, it’s important to find the right people to work with.

Destination wedding event management teams and planners are the best resources in finalizing all your dream wedding details. From local connections for caterers and photographers to the best places to stay, your destination wedding planner will guide you in the right direction.

#6. Honeymoon ready

Honeymoon ready

What’s better than having your wedding and honeymoon all in one place? A huge benefit to beach weddings is that you can choose a location based on where you want your honeymoon. Kill two birds with one stone and pack your bags only once. This is a great option for couples who planned a shortened honeymoon and want to maximize their time. It’s also very convenient for those who want to minimize travel expenses, as it’s less time in airports and more time on the beach. In the end, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine with your new spouse!