4 Fabulous Diamond Engagement Ring Tips

We all learned a long time ago that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But that song never actually teaches you what to look out for when choosing your one of a kind engagement ring!  The diamond market is such a wide and varied one these days at both ends of the spectrum.  You can end up with two equally great options. However, they may look completely different. So we have put together 4 Fabulous Diamond Engagement Ring Tips. Let’s help you find your dream engagement ring!

It’s really up to you to find out what exactly you should be looking for. And most importantly,  what is going to suit your needs best. There are so many different pieces of advice when it comes to buying diamonds. It can often be a case of too much information. And it can all make your head spin!  Therefore,  we have narrowed it down to a small number of crucial tips. Here are some important things to consider for how to choose the right diamond for you.

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Shape-  Best Diamond Engagement Ring Tips

Sparkling Engagement ring cuts
Image Source: Gem Society.org

The first thing to think about is what diamond shape you want to look at. There are several different and distinct shapes, from oval to pear to heart to emerald to marquise and many more. Settling on a certain shape before you even start looking at diamonds is a good way to narrow down the search right from the off. It will eliminate a bunch of options that you don’t have to spend your time looking through. If you need ideas and tips on what to choose based on the Diamond Cuts and shapes click here to learn more.

Diamond Engagement Ring ShapesImage Source: Gem Society.org

Carat – An Engagement Rings Best Feature

Diamond Engagement Ring carats Image Source: Gem Society.org

Something to also get cemented in your mind before looking is the carat weight. It’s the minimum that you are settled on. The biggest diamonds are not always the best diamonds. However, there are a few things worth thinking about.  To sum up, if you set your sights on a 1-carat diamond, then a half-carat just won’t cut it. And if you have the budget, then don’t be afraid to go higher. Similarly, you won’t want to go under the expected carat weight. Remember, your diamond, just like your fiance, will last a lifetime.

Clarity- Fabulous Engagement Ring Tips to Find It!

Beautiful colours of diamondsImage Source: Gem Society.org

Paying attention to the clarity grading is very important too.  Especially if you want your engagement diamond to have that signature sparkle. Firstly, a good way to find your level is by starting with the high quality of clarity in a diamond. Secondly, work your way down through the grades. Thirdly,  find the diamond engagement ring that is most appropriate for your price range. However, a good general rule is not to go below the VS2 grading unless you want to make some serious concessions in the quality of your diamond.

Colour – The Fabulous Diamond Ring Spectrum

Diamond Engagement Ring tipsImage source:  Gia.edu

Colour is another essential factor in buying an impressive diamond for your engagement ring.  In general, you will find the best value for your money in the G-J grades of colourlessness. Additionally, it’s important to remember that any colour will always be more detectable in a larger diamond. So opt for G-H in anything over 1 carat.  And I-J in anything under 1 carat. No matter the colour you end up choosing, diamonds always look like a higher grade once set in a ring. In other words,  not just laying it against a pristine white background.

This wraps my 4 Fabulous Diamond Engagement Ring Tips blog. And finding that perfect ring is a nice beginning to your future lives together. And that is so very exciting. Let us know if you found this information useful. And if you like to share your wedding ring shopping tips as well.  We’d love to hear from you. And we wish you the best in your gorgeous diamond ring shopping!

Diamond Engagement Rings look Amazing on the Beach!

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