Destination Wedding in Italy

Destination Wedding in Italy

We’ve asked the wonderful Nadia Kurz, who is a wedding planner for Moon and Sun Weddings to tell us more about having a destination wedding in Italy. She has given us five wonderful reasons why it’s a beautiful location for you to consider. Also, she has provided us with images from one of her most recent weddings in Italy. If you want more information from her, you can find her contact information below, or you can leave us a comment. What she personally loves about this destination is that Italy truly offers a variety of places to get married and will make your special day unique and perfect! Also, check out other destination options here.

1. It Gives You a Taste of Culture in a Beautiful Setting

When you arrive in Italy, you will have everything you need. Whether it’s the beaming sun, magnificent sea, or the incredible history, the setting will be picturesque and romantic.


Liz Moore Destination Weddings Italy

2. You Will Have the Relaxation You’ve Always Wanted

Weddings don’t have to be as stressful as they seem. You and your partner will be able to spend quality time with each other and your guests while having stunning dinners by the sea or by other breathtaking views.


Liz Moore Italy

3. Whatever Ceremony You Prefer, You Can Have

Whether you are looking to have a legal or symbolic wedding ceremony, you can have it in a beautiful setting such as beaches, ancient buildings, or even romantic lakes.


Wedding in Italy

4. A Destination Wedding in Italy Has a Variety of Unique Venues

Additionally, your wedding planner will love showing you pictures of the beautiful coastline locations, ancient castles, historical villas, boutique and luxury hotels, charming farmhouses and typical tasty restaurants for a perfect destination wedding.


Destination Wedding Italy

5. Best of all, the Italian food and wine!

Although this doesn’t need much explanation, how good would the wine and food be at your destination wedding in Italy? The absolute best!

Nadia Kurz
Wedding Planner 

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