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Kristen Borelli

Firstly, we want to introduce the talented Kristen Borelli! She describes herself as, “a wedding photographer based out of Vancouver Island, and stationed in the “Harbour City” of Nanaimo. Moreover, I am willing to travel pretty much any where in the world. I grew up in snowy Ontario and recently made the big move out west to be with my new hubby.”

Importantly, she recently headed to Mexico to The Marival Resort and Suites! We are going to showcase some of those photos with some more information about Kristen Borelli! Thusly, we will have all of her contact information and media pages below! Let’s get started!

Kristen Borelli Leah Conrad

The Couple – Leah and Conrad

As I packed my bags I started to wonder what my trip to Mexico was going to be like. Having only met Leah and Conrad once before, I started to foresee that a week with the two of them along with all their friends and family was going to be nothing but an unforgettable time.

The Marival Resort and Suites, Nuevo Vallarta, ended up being the perfect destination for Leah and Conrad to wed. Moreover, the weather was impeccable, the beach was pristine and the food… well let’s just say the weight gain was totally worth it. The ceremony took place on the beach mid afternoon and although it was close to 30 degrees, the gentle ocean breeze made it enjoyable to be outside. Thusly, a fine dining experience at the Italian restaurant on site and the beach party was the cherry on top to their beautiful wedding day

Kristen Borelli Liz Moore

Why Kristen Borelli?

Notably, we explored her website and she said a very lovely reason about why she can relate to brides and them trying to find a wedding photographer,

“Fortunately, I know what you are going through. I experienced these same feelings last year when I got hitched. Therefore, being the centre of attention that day really put things into perspective for me. It gave me the opportunity to discover what it was like being on the other side of the lens for once. Your wedding day can be overwhelming, but investing in a photographer you trust will go a long way. Knowing that you will have great photos of your wedding day is one less thing to worry about and it will allow you to relax and enjoy a day that is over before you know it.”


Why She Loves Her Job?

Sometimes, people have jobs that they don’t absolutely love. However, that is not the case when it comes to Kristen Borelli!

“I love having the ability to capture special moments for others to remember. I am a relaxed, easy going individual, looking to have fun, which allows YOU to be yourself and to be comfortable with your surroundings.”

“I am so thankful that my love for photography has lead me to meet great people and has given me the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments with them.”


How to Contact Her?

Importantly, if you want to look at some more of her beautiful photography or read more about her, check out the links below!




Furthermore, we want to thank Kristen! Thank you for the beautiful photos and if you want to see more let us know!

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