Liz Moore Destination Weddings Review – Jennifer & Justin

Importantly, we have a blog post today from the wonderful Jennifer and Justin! Thusly, they have answered a questionnaire from their recent Liz Moore Destination Wedding! Therefore, we have an exclusive Liz Moore Destination Weddings Review. Check it and let us know what you think.
liz moore destination weddings review

Question #1: Firstly, what are you and your partner’s name? The date and location of your wedding?

Jennifer and Justin Broadbent
April 25, 2016
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Garden Gazebo- Melia Caribe Tropical Golf Resort

review destination weddings liz moore

Question #2: How did you hear about us and who was your agent?

Liz Moore was our fabulous agent. I met Liz at a wedding show.

liz moore destination weddings

Question #3: What did you love about your wedding?

Everything. Our wedding day could not have been more perfect. It was the only day of the week with bright blue skies, and everything fell into place. Geraldy Ramos, our onsite wedding planner, was fantastic and he helped make our vision happen. What I loved most, was our ceremony location. We told Liz that we wanted to get married in a Gazebo, so she prepared a document for us with every resort and every gazebo available. When we fell in love with the Garden Gazebo at the Melia Caribe, Liz helped make it happen.

amazing liz moore destination weddings review

Question #4: What tips would you offer a future bride having a destination wedding?

To relax and have fun. Sometimes planning a destination wedding can be just as stressful as planning a wedding local. If you have your own particular vision, bring your own decorations. One major tip we would give is to make sure you have allotted honeymoon time for you and your fiancé. Stay a week later after everyone leaves, or book a separate honeymoon. Your family and friends came for you and because they love you, chances are you and your fiancé will not have any time just the two of you.

liz moore review

Question #5: What was your overall experience with Liz Moore Weddings & Your Agent?

I had an amazing experience with Liz Moore. She was very approachable and responded to my emails instantly. If life got busy and she didn’t hear from me for a couple of weeks- she would send me an email just to say hi and touch base. She was very accommodating with my family and friends. She even provided me with the names of her partner Travel Agents out of country for our friends who were travelling from the United Kingdom.


In conclusion, how cute is this couple?! We want to thank them to much for their Liz Moore Destination Weddings Review. Furthermore, if you want a similar feature about your Liz Moore Destination wedding, give us an email!

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