12 Stunning Jamaican Wedding Photo’s

Dwayne Watkins is a photographer you’ll want to give serious attention too. He is one of Jamaica’s most revered wedding photographers.  Therefore, Dwayne Watkins and Bellefield Great House and Gardens= Magical weddings! Amazing architecture mixed in with spectacular greenery await you at this fairytale wedding venue. Set amongst 10 acres lies one of Jamaica’s oldest sugar cane plantations. Importantly, Dwayne and his team blend beautifully together here at the Bellefield, for a lifetime of fantastic wedding memories. Notably, we are are to help with all the travel arrangements and bring your wedding vision to life! Now, check out these beautiful Jamaican wedding photo’s below!

Special credits go to Dwayne Watkins and Team DWP Studios for the use of these beautiful wedding photos.

Special thanks as well go to Bellefield Great House for providing information on their fantastic wedding venue located in beautiful Jamaica.

1.Wedding Party
Firstly, this set up is a visual masterpiece when it comes to showing off your wedding bridal party!
Wedding set up Jamaican wedding photo's

2. The Landscape
Moreover, captivating beyond this setting is truly spectacular for this beautiful wedding couple.
couple set on beautiful grounds Jamaican wedding photo's

3. The Colours
Essentially, the eye-popping colour in this photograph blends beautifully against the crisp white of the brides dress.
Bride Jamaican wedding photo's

4. Adorable
Another, field of wedding dreams. Bellefield Great House is a one of a kind venue for weddings!
 Wedding couple Jamaican wedding photo's

5. Creating Art
Moreover, this breathtaking photograph is visionary wedding art! This is what you want from your wedding photographer, capturing you and your partner as a work of art.
Couple Jamaican wedding photo's

6. The Kisses
Beautifully, the camera artfully brings you into this one of a kind couple’s wedding moment.
Couple in picture Jamaican wedding photo's

7. Hidden Smiles
Dwayne Watkins Photography – TeamDWP Studios. The gorgeous wedding attire colours of this couple combined with the deepest blue sky create a spectacular vision!
Dwayne Watkins Photography - Jamaican wedding photo's

8. Happiness
Amazingly, this beautiful couple takes a welcome moment out of their wedding festivities to just enjoy a stolen moment together.
Jamaican wedding photo's - TeamDWP Studios

9. The Backdrop
Furthermore, only the Bellefield Great House can create stunning backdrops like this for your Jamaican destination wedding.
Dwayne Watkins Photography - TeamDWP Studios - Jamaican wedding photo's

10. Architecture
Thusly, this former sugar plantation sets the perfect backdrop for stunning pictures like these!
Jamaican wedding photo's

11. The Ceremony
Essentially, creative architecture abounds in this perfect charming ceremony location.
Bellefield Great house - Jamaican wedding photo's

12. Beautiful
Imagine, you and your partner here in this fantastic spot experiencing the destination wedding of your dreams. Notably, these are amazing Jamaican wedding photo’s.
Jamaican wedding photo's