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11 Amazing Images with Ben Elsass Photography

11 Amazing Images with Ben Elsass Photography

I love Ben’s philosophy on photography – “I’ve learned as a photographer that the human spirit never disappoints, and when frozen in a photo, it remains infinite!” It’s so true; you can replay a memory in your mind for a lifetime but that image captured in a photograph brings the memory back into light over and over again. Even more individual shared with those who may have missed that single precious moment in time! Wedding photography is one of the most important choices you’ll make in regards to your wedding planning.


Ben Elsass Photography is offering a free destination wedding photography package to one lucky couple, (Value $4,600.00).  This contest is open to all couples choosing a destination wedding.  Please check out Ben’s website for more details! The contest is open until May 1st, 2016. I am thrilled today to show off some of Ben’s favorite highlights of three of his destination wedding couples. Maria and Julian, who were married in beautiful San Juan Puerto Rico, Nicole, and Leif who took the plunge in St Lucia at the Windjammer Landing and the beautiful wedding photography that Ben was able to bring to life with Rachel and Bryan’s wedding in Aruba!  For more information on Ben’s wedding photography services, please visit his website. All photographs below are credited to Ben Elsass Photography.


1 Wedding_Maria_Julian in the streets of San Juan Puerto Rico.
How Gorgeous are they! Breathtakingly beautiful view. I love this moment in time translating the love they share in this timeless moment. The streets of San Juan Puerto Rico!
2 Wedding_Maria_Julian-454 on the streets of San Juan Puerto Rico.
The Vibrant blue hue of the background creates a pleasant sharp contrast to Maria’s white wedding gown and Julians gorgeous black attire. San Juan Puerto Rico Weddings by Ben Elsass Photography!
3 Wedding_Maria_Julian- sharing a kiss in the streets of San Juan.
The buttery yellow walls and cobblestone stairs lend themselves perfectly to this happy wedding moment between Maria and Julian. San Juan Weddings by Ben Elsass Photography.
5 Wedding_Nicole_Leif at the windjammer in St Lucia
Leif shares a singular moment in time before wedding his beautiful bride Nicole on the Caribbean Island of St Lucia.
6 Wedding_Nicole_Leif Nicole getting ready to marry
Nicole shares a quiet moment before her wedding ceremony to fiance Lief. St Lucia is a fabulous destination for weddings!
7 Wedding_Nicole_Leif ceremony location.
Idyllic is how to best this spectacular setting for a wedding ceremony at the Windjammer Landing Resort, located on the tropical Caribbean Island of St Lucia.
8 Wedding_Nicole_Leif Evening Sunset picture
The sunset creates a dramatic and perfect backdrop for Nicole and Leif after their wedding vows!
9 Wedding_Rachael_Bryan ceremony on the beach.
Only in Aruba! Fabulous Flamingos on the beach sharing in Rachael and Bryans destination wedding vows! Aruba Weddings
10 Wedding_Rachael_Bryan Picture on the beach.
It’s all about the little details. Ben finds the perfect moment to capture Rachael and Bryan’s wedding embrace while the soft Caribbean waters flow gently behind them. Aruba Wedding
Ben Elsass Photography
Soft pastel flower colors create this warm wedding vibe shared by all of Rachael and Bryans special wedding guests amongst the warm, tropical island waters of Aruba.
12 Wedding_Rachael_Bryan ceremony in Aruba
Gentle breezes blow in, and the sunlight softens. The wedding vows of Rachael and Bryan beautifully captured by Ben Elsass Photography!