8 Unforgettable Fun Wedding Moments!

8 Unforgettable Fun Wedding Moments!

Destination Weddings create some of the most memorable days in our lives. Whether it’s your wedding, your daughter or son’s wedding or even your grandchild’s wedding, there are so many feelings of joy, laughter, and love expressed during this particular time. I’ve searched the globe for some of the more tender, light-hearted wedding moments and here are some of my fav’s. These are the moments that you want to research in your potential wedding photographers work. Your photographer’s ability to have fun with your weddings is as important as the treasured ceremony and reception pictures they are sure to capture for a lifetime.  I had to throw my favourite wedding movie “Bridesmaids” picture into this mix to celebrate the art of having a  wedding and having a ton of fun along the way too!


Have to love these girls, bridesmaids bring out the best in what we all want for our wedding. Laughter, strong friendships, and love!
Picture from the movie Bridesmaids

2. The Wedding Party

Lots of laughs and fun are going on here with this destination wedding! Photography credits to www.rsbphotography.com

2 star-wars-wedding-photo. RSB Photography

3. Cowgirl

Add a little or allot of charm to your wedding festivities with some different cowboy boot attire!


4. Random Moments

Somebody dropped something, somewhere! But great photo opportunity created! And look at those dresses, so beautiful.


5. Colours

This couple knew how to go for that particular colour pop in their destination wedding attire. Love it!

Bride and groom with bridal party on the beach.

6. Jump! Jump!

21 jump beach! It looks like this bridal party knows how to have a ton of fun in the sun on this couple’s special day! Photography credits to www.harvestmoonphotography.com

Harvest Moon Photography

7. Adorable Much?

This picture is truly lovely! Capturing couples having fun on their wedding day is the best. Photography credits to www.hayleyannephotography.com

Hayley Anne Photography couple in wedding picture

8. Being Silly

Its all in the details or details missed! This artful, fun and hilarious wedding photo by www.terralogicalphotography.com

Unforgettable Fun Wedding Moments