DIY Destination Wedding Ideas

DIY Destination Wedding Ideas

DIY Destination Wedding Ideas

Welcome! We have some tips and examples of how you can save some money for your wedding abroad. DIY destination wedding ideas can be an easy, convenient, and fun way to add some extra touches to your wedding. Importantly, if you like any of these tips or can suggest some other ones, let us know in the comments!

Sand & Candles

What I love about this centerpiece idea is that it easy and all you need is candles! You can find or buy shells, fill them with sand at your resort, and place candles in the middle of them. Gorgeous!

DIY Wedding1DIY Wedding1

DIY Wedding5

Printed Sunglasses

Comparatively, this is an excellent idea for your wedding party and guests! It’s cheap to get whatever you want to be written on them and so are the sunglasses. You can pick different colours or stick to all the same. Either way, you have an awesome touch to your wedding.


DIY Wedding3

Welcome Bag

Now, some people think that they have to spend a lot on their welcome bags. You don’t make them smaller with nice travel sized gifts so that they easy to transport or buy at the resort. It’s a cute idea, but you don’t have to go overboard. You can include the essentials such as Aloe Vera, bug spray, Advil, and something a little unique to customize it.



Wine Glasses, Sand, and Candles

Notably, a nice combination for wedding decor is wine glasses, sand, and candles! They look decorative, cute, and will save you the cost on expensive centerpieces!

DIY Wedding7

Sand LocketDIY Wedding4

What I love about this DIY gift idea for your guests or wedding party is that it’s special. You can fill it with sand from your resort that will remind people of your special wedding day and how much fun it was! You can buy the lockets cheap and fill it with sand is the natural part!



DIY Wedding6

Shell or Flower Ceremony

What I love about this idea is that your ceremony can look so beautiful with just a few items. Whether it’s shells or flowers, you can create patterns, lines, and anything else you might for that romantic ceremony! One reason you might want to use shells instead of flowers because they are more likely to stay in the sand and not blow away!



Flowers and Candles

If you are looking for a fun way to decorate a long table for your reception, flowers and candles are the way to go. It looks romantic, and you can match the colour of the flowers to your wedding theme!

DIY Wedding2


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