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Okanagan Wedding Colour Themes

Where to begin when it comes to choosing your Okanagan Wedding Colour Themes. Firstly, there is a wide variety of colour pallets to choose from. It’s hard to know initially what mood and ambiance you want to create. For instance, what colour theme will best blend into your wedding setting. Similarly, do you go for inspiration? Today we have gathered inspiration from former Okanagan Wedding Colour Themes that we hope will inspire you. Let us know what you think and if there are colour combinations you have seen and loved.  We love Okanagan weddings, so much to see and experience here in this beautiful region of British Columbia.  For more information on Okanagan Weddings, click this link.

Okanagan Wedding Colour Themes

Dark Red, Purple, & Navy Blue Wedding Colour Themes

Of course what could better than choosing these deep, rich colours for your Okanagan Wedding Colour Theme. Especially if you are considering a Vineyard wedding. There are several venues within the Okanagan are that are very desirable for a vineyard wedding. The key is working with a knowledgeable Okanagan wedding planner. That is where we come in. We work with the most celebrated and dedicated wedding planners to help you find your perfect Okanagan wedding vineyard.

Okanagan Wedding Colours

Grey & Light Pink Wedding Colour Thems 

Wow-what a stunning combination. A soft pallet of pink mixed in with a solid hue of grey. This look is pretty and yet very refined. Above all, it will blend in beautifully with an outdoor ceremony in several Okanagan wedding venues. Kelowna and Pentiction, are surrounded by beautiful majestic mountains. What better colour combination than this to bring out the beauty of you as well as your Okanagan surroundings.

Wedding Colour Themes

Gold, Mauve, & Pink Wedding Themes

Stunning colours here. This colour combination is simply divine for a vineyard wedding ceremony and even reception. Imagine the purple and green grapes that surround your ceremony location. Blend in these lovely hues of gold, mauve and pink and you have wedding colour perfection.

Beautiful Okanagan wedding colours

Deep Purple & Green

Similarly, the colour combination of purple and green can really work for an Okanagan wedding. Lush fields of vineyard combined with a backdrop of majestic elegant mountains. Add a sprinkle of purple and green and you create absolute wedding wonder.

Stunning Okanagan Wedding themes

Yellow, Pink, & Orange

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