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Why Book Okanagan Weddings for your Special Day

First of all, we want to make sure that you know what you are getting when you book Okanagan Weddings for your special day. We have five reasons why you will not be sorry that you hired us to take care of one of the most special days of your lives! Yes, you might be wondering why you want to spend more money but check out these reasons. They might help you realize that might need all the assist you in can get to make sure your day is perfect!

Wedding Planning isn’t Easy

Importantly, wedding planning is not an easy task. You know that image of the bride stressed out and trying to balance her regular life and wedding planning? That’s inevitable because of some things you have to organize, book, and plan. Consequently, having someone that you can vent to, explain what you want, and then let them plan it. This might be the only tricky part of your wedding if you book with Okanagan Weddings.

We Know Vendors, Venues, and Locations

Comparatively, you might be from the Okanagan, or you might be from out of town, but either way, you might be feeling lost. Keeley Dahl has friends and professional relationships with an abundance of vendors, venues, and location advisors. She can suggest places and companies that you wouldn’t have even thought of booking for your wedding! The great thing about Keeley is that she is unbiased, she makes suggestions but ultimately listens to you.

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Organize All of Your Travel Needs

This is another great reason to book Okanagan Weddings for your wedding, and we can take care all of this for you. Whether you have guests coming in or yourself, we want to make sure your travel needs are taken care of for the wedding. You might have to book multiple guests, need transportation, or accommodation. Keeley can make sure your guests know what is going on for the day. She doesn’t just book everything with them, she creates a relationship with them, shows them pictures of your venue, and makes sure they feel like they have been with you for the whole process if that’s what you want.

Answer Your Questions

Even though we might have responded to a couple of your questions already, I am sure your head is still swimming with questions. Imagine how many questions you will have when you start planning your heading! It’s great to have someone experienced that is ready to keep you calm, answer your questions, and take care of those worries. Especially the ones that you might have when it comes to organizing your wedding!


Lastly, we stay in constant contact with your chosen vendors and venues. We want you and whoever else to know what is going on with your wedding. The best part about having Keeley arrange your wedding is that she listens to you and exactly what you need. Why it’s great booking Okanagan Weddings is because we specialize in only weddings.

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