Destination Wedding Travel Essentials

It’s been an exciting week with wonderful fall couples booking their weddings again.  We’ve put together six Destination Wedding Travel Essentials. Most Importantly, we’ll give you key information on how to plan your destination wedding. Furthermore,  We’ve planned hundreds of destination weddings over the years. And each and every one of them has been just as special as the next. Above all,  here is my Destination Wedding Inspiration-6 fantastic must do’s to inspire your wonderful destination wedding.

Travel Essential One- Pick the location


Your destination wedding guests

I know there are a plethora of options, and every couple wants their wedding to stand out from the crowd.  However, the first thing I needed to ask how many guests may be is expecting to come from both you and your fiance’s side. It really should be one of the first questions your travel agent asks you! This really helps define what area will work best for guests coming from.  You may need to find a happy medium in terms of travel time for all guests. And don’t forget to send “save the date” cards! For a destination wedding, 8 to 12 months in advance is ideal. Here are some additional pre-wedding planning tips. Pre-wedding planning tips.

Travel Budget

When it comes to destination weddings, the ski is the limit. Trending destinations at the moment  are Bali and Los Cabos, Mexico. As a result,  let’s talk about dollars and travel sense.  What draws so many couples to have a destination wedding is the fun, of course. However, additionally the cost savings. We are all about that as well. And therefore, have helped brides for over a decade find that perfect property and destination.  That won’t break the bank, for instance. All-inclusive properties are the perfect resort concept to book your wedding into for this reason.  Look at the resort wedding packages closely to see all the inclusions. More importantly what is not included. This is where we come in.

Destination wedding  resort amenities

I always advise my clients to look at all your shortlist of chosen resorts have to offer. How many restaurants, and what activities do they include. Additionally, do they have a nightclub and provide nightly entertainment. These are the types of on-site resort social events that can make a difference. Especially when it comes to keeping your parents, aunts, uncles and guests happy. I like to see at least four a la carte dining options. And depending on where the resort is located, a nightclub and theatre. Furthermore, what is available in terms of late-night bars. These are just a few of the essential details you’ll want to know. Then you can relax and enjoy your chosen wedding property.

5. Book your resort as early as possible

When it comes to total cost breakdown, this is where an experienced wedding travel agent can make all the difference. Research on overall flight costs is always a significant consideration when it comes to guests coming from different international destinations. Best to look at this early on before committing to any one particular destination or resort. Secondly, so many of my couples advise they can break the bank a bit when it comes to accommodations, but many of their guests may not. So what to do about this dilemma? Your dedicated agent can help with this as well.  Many resorts offer very reasonable room accommodations with all the added all-inclusive in room and property inclusions, making it a very affordable holiday for guests. My favourite properties are the ones that offer this type of accommodations but also the upgraded preferred club or premium suites, for example. This allows for guests with all budgets to choose what works best for them and also will enable couples to step it up a bit with a swim-up room, outdoor jacuzzi or honeymoon suite!
Now onto the most important consideration in having a destination wedding.

6. Relax and have fun!

Relax and have fun! It’s amazing just how much fun destination weddings are. All couples stress about where to have their wedding and how to make it very special for all their guests, no matter what the resort or destination.  Additionally,  memorable for you and your guests in one fun-filled resort. Enjoying all the fun and excitement a holiday can bring. And, of course, hands down celebrating the beginning of your lives together.  Gathering all those treasured loved ones under one sunny, fun-filled roof. And best of all having the time of your lives. We hope you have enjoyed learning about our Destination Wedding Travel Essentials. We’d love to hear about your wonderful destination wedding plans.

Liz Moore

Destination Wedding Expert