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South Asian Destination Weddings – 5 Tips Couples need to know

South Asian Destination Weddings are taking destination wedding resorts by storm these days. No one loves a sizeable Indian wedding more than a 5-star resort, due to the average size of an Indian destination wedding and all the rooms guests will book into. This is where our Indian clients have a complete advantage over which property to choose and which property will reward them the most for the business.  But where to begin with so many resorts to choose from. Here’s where we come in.

1) Several events combined into a few nights work amazingly well with an Indian Destination wedding.

This is where an experienced destination wedding expert is worth their weight in gold. With so many resorts competing for South Asian couples doing a little math here can save a lot of additional wedding costs.  Most of our Indian couples choose to combine their Mehndi and Sangeet events. This is mainly due to the limited time many guests have in the destination, but it also creates one very festive night for all guests. Working with a resort that understands this and creates fantastic wedding package options combined with great package pricing makes for a great destination wedding resort.

2) Where to have your South Asian ceremony celebration once on property.

There are some things to strongly consider here when setting up your Sikh or Hindu Ceremony. Will the groom require extra space for planning a dance over to the big event. Some properties work better than others in this case. Will, the bride, chooses to walk or be carried over to the ceremony site, again some resorts offer private venues more conducive to both the bride and groom’s festive ceremony plans. Another consideration when choosing a resort is the time of day chosen for the ceremony. For a morning ceremony, you’ll want to select a property that offers relief from the sun. Or at the very least a property that can hold a celebration for a large group in a relaxed private setting on the beach or another outdoor venue setting.

3) What about decor and horses and Indian cuisine all that fun stuff.

It’s all in the details they say when it comes to planning your perfect South Asian Wedding. This is where you’ll want to fine-tune your wish list before falling in love with your chosen wedding resort. Some properties are well set up for creating a beautifully adorned Mandap and have essentials as an experienced henna artist on speed dial. Other properties may have the most beautiful beach and the most economical room choices for your guest’s stay but are not well set up for providing your must-haves for your special day. It’s essential to view the wedding packages resorts have to offer to ensure that everything you need is everything you will have.

4) Now what is this fantastic destination wedding going to cost me for 100 guests

This is where a well-sharpened pencil comes in handy. First and foremost, you’ll want to have an idea about how many guests may be attending. This is good to know for a variety of reasons but mainly the venue space a given property is set up for. Next comes the offers from the resorts and they are far and wide with everything in-between. This is again where you’ll want an Indian wedding specialist to provide all the perks and pluses first hand so you can weight out your options before making a final resort decision.

5) Most importantly, you’ll want to choose a resort that feels just right.

This is where you’ll want to decide on a few things beforehand, such as: how big is the beach for the backdrop of your special day.  Do you want an indoor or outdoor reception for your special celebration? Will you be bringing your photographer, videographer or relying on the resorts special team of experts. Will you be bringing your hair and makeup experts or relying on the resorts expertise. Resorts these days have incredible offerings for Indian weddings in all the said above questions.

We are here to help find the property that meets all these needs and far surpasses your dream destination wedding wishes.

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Liz Moore
Destination Wedding Expert