Destination Wedding Covid19 Help

Couples these days want Destination wedding Covid19 help. What happened and what are wedding couples needing doing right now. Suppliers, airlines and resorts are in such unchartered waters right now. As a result, it’s hard to know the right course of action. sifting through all the minute by minute news to get a clear picture can be daunting. However, what we do know is that things just became a lot more serious over the past months as far as increasing numbers. For Canadians, the U.S. and worldwide wedding couples,  we are here to help you navigate through these uncertain times. Below is our educated best guess along with some helpful advice and tips. Most importantly we continue to get up to date information on travel suppliers, resorts and airline partners.

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Re-planning your wedding in Mexico after Covid19

Your Trusted Destination Wedding Expert Can Help 

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Re-booking your destination wedding after Covid19

One thing for sure is that we are being inundated with travel information from our travel suppliers, resorts and airlines.  Suppliers are offering different options from a complete refund to you and your guests to full travel credit for future travel.  Policies are changing daily as well as offers and incentives to keep couples happy. In addition, there booked wedding guests. This is where your hard-working dedicated travel agent comes in. Hopefully, your travel agent is updating you and your guests with the valued information as it comes in. However, you’ll have to bear with us at times.   Be patient and know that you are in great hands with your destination wedding travel expert. They are here to help forge through the mass information and continual updates on your behalf.

Save the Date Over Again 

No travel agent wants to have that conversation with their couples that they cannot go as planned to their destination wedding.  We know you have been waiting at times a year + to say you’re beautiful vows together with family and friends. Whether the white sand beaches in Mexico, the stunning Caribbean and all other delightful regions in the world. We truly feel your travel pain right now. We know that after all the guest arrangements that have taken so long to organize. Starting over is the last thing you want to do. However, my advice at this time is to consider a future date, possibly past fall/winter of 2021.   Hopefully, the COVID-19 Coronavirus is just a bad dream by this winter and we can get back to getting excited about wedding travel again. When considering a new save the date, it’s important to contact your Destination Wedding VIPs. Check available dates as to when they can attend.  October and November are great times to marry abroad. And,  if you are considering 2021 now, late May can also offer good pricing options. Your travel agent will have great options for you to get you re-booked. Not to mention re-excited again about your wedding plans.

Covid19 and When to Make That Move

You’ve discussed your options with your travel agent and your close family and friends. Now it’s time to book that new travel date. What should you know at this time about making that decision? My advice is to make it as soon as possible in regards to choosing a new date. This is because many fall and winter 2021 have already been booked. Consider so many marriages this spring, summer and possibly winter months have ended up being cancelled already. Your agent needs to get the ball rolling with new dates asap. In other words, working around you and your guests ‘ busy schedules.  With our agency, April and May are two of our most active travel months for destination weddings.  We are working hard already re-booking our couples in for future dates as soon as our couples can confirm them.

Relax, Be Reassured and Stay Positive 

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Covid19 destination wedding cancellations

In times such as these disappointments over a cancelled and postponed wedding is to be expected. Dedicated travel agents who have been working with you sometimes for over a year now. Trust me they are heartbroken as well. Liz Moore feature Covid19 Article. We know there is a lot of pressure on couples to not only inform their guests about a pending wedding cancel but also to collaborate and put forth new travel date information. Many guests plan their holidays well in advance to attend. So we know it is not only burdensome to have to cancel but overwhelming to have to re-book. We are here for you to provide professional travel advice, to guide you. Above all to just support you and your beloved guests during these difficult travel decisions.Liz Moore Services.

Your Destination Wedding Dream to Reality

We know there is so much to go through with cancellations, uncertainty, and stress.  Knowing that your family and friends have a travel agent in your corner is golden. We also appreciate as dedicated travel agents we will see you and your chosen life partner enjoy a fabulous future destination wedding someday.  We’ll get through this COVID-19 unprecedented time.  And after that, travelling worldwide will be right back on track.  Destination weddings couples will be ready to board their favourite airline with their fun-filled family and friends in hand. We hope you enjoyed this destination wedding Covid19 help.

There is a silver lining in all this travel mess right now. Airlines, resorts and destination wedding coordinators will be bending over backwards for you. We are already receiving great offers from resorts for 2021.

Covid19 and postponing your destination wedding

Liz Moore
Destination Wedding Expert.

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