Wedding Dress Guide for all Seasons

Wedding dress looks
Wedding dress choices for all bridal seasons
Some time ago, weddings would take place only in summer – but that no longer seems to be the case. Now, we also have spring weddings, autumn weddings, and even winter ones are starting to become a thing. Today’s bride-to-be needs to think about what dress she will be wearing on that day so that it fits with the ambient. To make sure that you are picking the perfect wedding dress according to the season, we have the perfect wedding dress guide for all seasons to help you make the right choice. Source:

The Spring Season Wedding Dress

If you are dreaming of a spring wedding, you are not the only one. Spring is the season where everything seems to be coming back to life – and your wedding dress should show it as well. Therefore many brides-to-be prefer going for a wedding dress with a floral lace pattern, as it aligns with the awakening of spring.
brides in spring look dress
Spring season dresses can be beautiful
Source: that spring might still get rather chilly, particularly in the evening, you might want to go for elbow-length sleeves or an additional bolero. Ideally, you should choose one in the same theme as the dress. However, if you can’t find to find an actual model that can fit your dress, then you might want to go for a custom tailoring service instead. This is a good choice if you have a nice summer jacket that might work with your dress.

The Summer Season Wedding Dress

During summer, brides are trying to make the most of the warm weather – which is why most weddings are set outdoors. We have various village life themes, where skimming designs and floaty dresses are a fabulous match. A popular choice when it comes to summer is the strapless dress because the weather tends to be very warm most of the time.When it comes to summer wedding dresses, you might want to go for fabrics such as silk, as it tends to be breathable and lightweight. You might also want to team the silk up with some extra gauge lace to give it extra spice. Soft and light silk chiffon dresses are also a very popular choice for summer weddings when the heat won’t give you a break. You can take these wedding dresses to professional gown cleaning service after the wedding is over and wear them again.If you still want to cover yourself, then you might want to go for a lace bolero – a capped sleeve one, ideally. This can provide the extra coverage, but if it becomes too hot outside, you have the option of easily taking it off.
Lace is just lovely for summer weddings

The Autumn Dress Season

Summer has passed, now we are making room for the warm colours associated with fall. Instead of vibrant greens and bright colours, we have earthly tones, a lot of orange, and quite a bit of multi-tones.
Gorgeous fall wedding dress look
Gorgeous fall wedding dress look
Source: your wedding dress for summer would have been the traditional pure white type, then autumn dresses look better when they have a bit of warmth. Champagne or cream-coloured dresses are in, and they also provide that extra element of luxury. However, simple white is still very popular.If you are holding the wedding during a specific holiday (i.e. a Halloween wedding), then you might also want to add a sash with the specific colours. A reputable wedding gown tailor might be able to make such an addition to your wedding dress.Since it’s not certain how the weather is going to be during this season, then you might want to go for a mid-weight fabric. Heavier lace on satin along with some taffeta is generally the go-to in autumn. Also, consider wearing a matching jacket so that it keeps you warm during the evening.

The Winter Dress Season

Even if the wedding is in the winter, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be elegant and “bridey”. All you have to do is pick the right material and layering. For example, a wedding dress for winter uses heavy materials such as gathered taffeta and dupion silk. Since you do not have concerns about overheating, you might also want to consider adding sleeves.Silk, lace, or maybe a combo of both can make a wedding dress look fabulous. A matching jacket is also a must-have.
This winter wedding dress is stunning

Concluding the Perfect Wedding

In the end, the perfect wedding dress will allow you to feel like a comfy queen. Go lightweight in the warmer season, and layer up as it gets colder. In some cases, you might need dress alterations – but this way, you will know for sure that you’ll have a gorgeous gown and the best day of your life.Tony Kantzavelos is the owner of LoveYourDress and Love Your Tailor Toronto. Specializing in dress cleaning, clothing alterations and tailoring since 1986. Tony loves sharing tips and trade secrets for customizing and taking care of almost any kind of dress, and especially helping women look their best no matter the occasion. We highly recommend both companies.  You and your beautiful wedding dress are in great hands with Tony and his dedicated team. In conclusion, we hoped you were inspired by our wedding dress guide to all seasons. If you have any additional questions about your wedding dress needs, we are here to assist.