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Amazing Destination Wedding Photographers

What bride doesn’t love anticipating and receiving her wedding photos? There are no do-overs when it comes to your wedding pictures. They are yours to treasure for a lifetime and share with the generations that go after you. I’m happy to share my experiences over the many past years.  There are so many options from in destination resort wedding photographers to bringing your own down to the resort.  Here are some amazing destination wedding photographers we love to show off.  Not to mention great tips to help you navigate through all the plethora of photographers ready to book your dream wedding shoot.

The Best of Mexico- My Photography Stars 

I couldn’t write a blog about destination wedding photographers without listing some of my very favourites. Mexico’s Elizabeth Medina Photography is so incredibly creative and just downright beautiful. Elizabeth captures those hidden gem moments with couples that take your breath away.  Elizabeth is also one of the most down to earth, friendly and attentive photographers out there.  She is truly a pleasure to work with. Additional Mexico photography tips.

Next in line is Claudia Rodrigues’s photography. For the most treasured moments at your wedding, Claudia Rodrigues is going to freeze that moment in time for you forever. Claudia has oodles of destination wedding experience over the years and takes great care with every one of her clients. Her strong connection to her couples shows in each and every one of her amazing wedding photos.

Oh, Canada- Yes We Have Some Bright Stars Here! 

Another top of my list favourite destination wedding photographer is Canada’s own Phil Steingard.It’s incredible how Phil Steingard not only gets amazing pictures, but the colour hues and lighting are just phenomenal. Wedding couple’s pictures are transformed into artwork as he melds the setting, the sea and the perfect ambiance of light to his photography.  I am in awe of his photography and a huge fan. The bonus is he is as charming and good-natured as he is superbly talented.

South Asian Destination Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire

For South Asian Destination Weddings, I’m going to put Cosmin Danila right at the top of my list. Cosmin is such a talented visionary when it comes to photography. His use of lighting, colour and the scenery that surrounds him are genuinely magical. He finds the perfect picture opportunity and then weaves a fine told wedding story.  He’s warm, inviting, most sincere and oh ever so talented.

How Much Will My Dream Wedding Pictures Cost Me

So there you have it a few of the many wedding photographers I have come to know and love over the years.  Wedding photography magic begins with a good connection between the photographer and the wedding couple. The better the connection you feel with your photographer, the more comfortable you will feel and thus, the better your pictures will be.
It’s not always a matter of how much you spend to receive beautiful wedding pictures. However, it is beneficial to do your homework before choosing and hiring a photographer. Ask to see a collection of their work that is a great starting place in determining if you like their style. A good photographer is always proud to show off their work. I’ve had many, many couples over the years choose the on-site wedding photographer to be thrilled with their wedding photos. You don’t have to spend a pot of gold to have those treasured pictures. Dreamartphotography is a good example . Their studios are available in many resorts; they have a great reputation and provide very affordable destination wedding photography.

Fly Me Away- And Bring My Wedding Photographer Along

If you do choose to hire a local wedding photographer to bring down into your destination, here are a few tips. Check with your travel agent specialist about credit offers you may have with your chosen resort. These credits can often pay for or help pay your photographer’s flight and accommodation. Consider photographers in areas that may not be where you live, but are closer proximity to the destination location you are getting married in. You can hire photographers for a three-day min stay, which elevates resorts vendor fees, and fast flight means less expense.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these amazing destination wedding photographers.  In addition, the experiences I  have had over the years with so many of them.  What it gets down to is taste, connection and overall budget.  The chemistry between you, your photographer and your imagination is endless. The sky is the limit these days when it comes to amazing destination wedding photography.

Liz Moore
Destination Wedding Expert