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Destination Wedding Photography and Videography: Quick Guide

At Liz Moore Destination Weddings we can’t wait to see our couple’s post- destination wedding photography and videography. We can just imagine how much our couples enjoy their treasured wedding photos and videos as well. There are good reasons why some wedding photos and videos simply shine over others.  Therefore, we’ve enlisted the help of one of our very favourite Mexico destination wedding videographers and photography companies. My Love Films MyLoveFilms.They are real pros when it comes to creating your wedding story memories.  Below are some fantastic suggestions on how to enjoy those wonderful wedding memories for a lifetime.

Destination-Wedding Couple - Mexico
Beautiful Cancun Weddings- Photography by: My Love Films

Beautiful Cancun and Riviera Maya Photography

We have enjoyed sending hundreds of wedding couples to Cancun and the Riviera Maya. This amazing destination offers stunning blue turquoise Caribbean ocean and of course, white-sand beaches. Cenotes can be found here. You know those underwater caves where you’ve seen those spectacular underwater trash the dress photos. From fabulous sunsets to unique one of a kind wedding gazebo.  This popular destination has it all when it comes to your wedding photos. My Love Films has all the secret places couples love when it comes to your wedding day shoot.

Stunning floral wedding ceremony- Photography by My Love Films

Destination Videography-Service Set up

Firstly, if the budget allows, it’s always best to hire two videographers and two photographers. For instance, assume you and your partner are staying in separate areas of the resort. Because of this, it’s time-consuming for one videographer and photographer to fit in both shoots in a short period. However, if you would like to hire just one photographer and videographer, pre-planning your wedding timeline is will be key to success. In other words, discuss your needs in detail with your partner for the best overall effect you desire. That 15-20 minutes for your team to go between rooms, especially in a large resort, can make all the difference in your final wedding imagery outcome.

The Finest Playa Mujeres – My Love Films Finest Playa Mujeres

Pre-ceremony timelines are a must

Speaking of wedding timelines a detailed list will put you on top for getting the most out of your videographer and photographer.  You’ve seen those amazing wedding videos that everybody wants for there wedding. They look so effortless, however great planning has taken place prior.  Your videographer is going to suggest having separate times to film the bride and groom pre-ceremony so you’ll want to discuss who goes first and at what time. Make sure to include both your room numbers in the list so videographers and photographers will have quick access to this information beforehand. Many couples ask us what their room is prior to departing. Resorts actually allot rooms to guests approximately six days before arrival for any given guest. Therefore this is something you’ll need to organize once everyone is checked into your chosen property.

The perfect after ceremony kiss! – Photography by: My Love Films

Room service, please

Most Importantly, My Love Films offer a fantastic tip that I just love. When you are on the property make sure you plan in advance room service. For instance, suitcases, clothes, water bottles etc may be scattered about your room. As a result, your room will then look impeccable prior to your videographer and photographer arriving. Another good suggestion is to note your wedding party and parents’ room numbers into your timeline list. This will come in every so handy on your wedding day. Trying to locate a bridesmaid or groomsman for a shoot that is taking place can be beyond stressful. A classic photo opportunity is an in-room dress. Be sure to discuss this with your wedding photographer so your dress can be photographed prior to your bridal room dressing.

Special pre-wedding time with bridesmaids – Photography by My Love Films

Who and How to Hire

Here’s what I have learned from 14 yrs of working on destination weddings. If possible always try and hire your videographer and photographer from the same company. For instance, they work together and most importantly, know how to work together. This will create beautiful synchronicity to capture all those amazing moments of your wedding day. In other words, rooms can be small and coordinated efforts in turn-taking are a must when it comes to those spontaneous wedding pictures and video every couple treasures. As a result, your ceremony will evolve naturally, stress-free with both teams working together simultaneously. My Love Films offers both photography and Videography making them an easy choice when it comes to your destination wedding options. Above all, it’s great to work with local photographers while at the destination. They know the sunsets, the temperature changes. Best of all, those hidden gem places that create fabulous photographs.

Breathtaking Riviera Maya wedding photos- Photography by My Love Films

Lights, cameras, wedding action

Both your travel agent as well as your photographer are great wedding resources. Similarly, they both can offer additional information about venues on the property that are most conducive to great imagery. For instance, every bride loves those toes in the sand beach pictures. However, with the sun and heat, another backup area can come in handy. For instance, a beautiful garden, staircase or walkway can offer stunning wedding photography. Having a timeline and location set up will ensure your time and money are well spent getting the wedding pictures of your dreams.

The Royalton Riviera Cancun – My Love Films Royalton Riviera Cancun

The Dream Team

In conclusion, we hope you have enjoyed My Love Videos tips and tricks to creating magical destination wedding photography and videography.  we all love to enjoy after the wedding festivities. My Love Films is so passionate about what they do. You can see it all over their amazing and beautiful work. Trust them to capture your special day for a lifetime of wonderful memories. For more information feel free to reach out directly to My Love Films Video Collection and for more information on their photo portfolio be sure to check out Photography Collection