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Amber Kelley Wedding Photography – Viceroy Riviera Maya, Mexico

Amber Kelley Wedding Photography

First of all, I love Amber Kelley Photography’s company Mission Statement: “preserving life’s most precious moments!” Amber Kelley Photography is a husband and wife wedding photography team offering exceptional destination wedding photography services. Beautifully stated on their website are the words “30 years from now you may not remember the brand of your dress or even what the cake tasted like, but with quality photography, we can capture a moment that is gone forever and impossible to reproduce. Therefore, our photography retells a story that brings the life and laughter back to that moment.” Photography is such an important element in your destination wedding plans so please enjoy Amber Kelley Wedding Photography below and consider booking them for your dream destination wedding!

The Bride

1 softness of the bride in this photo
Primarily, I love the softness of this beautiful wedding photograph perfectly set against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea! Signature Bridal Salon, Ashley Schwaegel.
4 hair style for bride signature bridal salon
Moreover this a lovely Wedding Hairstyle! Hair by Corvi. Styling Trio Riviera Maya!
3 bride having last minute touches
Essentially, this hairstyle is breathtaking! Perfect for a destination wedding.
2 bridal makeup
Notably, Bridal Makeup was beautifully done by Isabel Styling Trio Riviera Maya
5black and white wedding photography
Importantly, always consider adding some black and white photography to your wedding photography, it’s so worth it!
Amazing hair, bouquet, and photography create a beautiful moment before the ceremony!

The Decor

10beautiful foral bouquet
A stunning variety of soft pastel colors: Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design, Vanessa Jaimes!
The roses create the perfect touch to this artfully done table set up Viceroy Riviera Maya, Laura Reyes
One of my favorite destination wedding pictures is wedding rings creatively displayed.
Your Destination Wedding Ceremony by the Sea: Viceroy Riviera Maya!

The Ceremony

Tender moment between the bride and groom. This picture is so beautiful!
The bride and the groom are a perfect match. Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design, Vanessa Jaimes
Tropical wedding pictures add wonderful memories of your Mexican Dream Wedding!
8 hand crafted lace
The hand-crafted lace adds a delicate touch to this gorgeous table set up!
11groom with colours and style
Unique and beautiful combination of colours and style chosen for the groom.
16 wedding memories
Beach wedding photographs create a lifetime of wedding memories.
14ceremony kiss
We all wait for the ceremony kiss. It’s the best part of the service!
Thoughtful wedding art created by Amber Kelley Wedding Photography


Amber Kelley Wedding Photography
Flawlessly sunset photography.

A very special Thank you and credits to the below vendors who helped make this wedding vision a spectacular reality! 
Amber Kelley Photography: Amber Kelley and Zack Marks
Viceroy Riviera Maya, Laura Reyes:
Styling Trio Riviera Maya:
Makeup: Isabel
Hair: Corvi
Archive Mexico, Stephany Gonzalez Castro:
Signature Bridal Salon, Ashley Schwaegel:
Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design, Vanessa Jaimes: