“I Do” at Beautiful Riu Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Primarily, congratulations to our couple La-Toya and Leighton on their beautiful destination wedding Aug, 29th 2015. This gorgeous couple tied the knot at one of my favourite properties, Riu Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Family and friends were in abundance as they shared their special vows in Riu Ocho Rio’s  beautiful beachfront wedding gazebo. Moreover, La-Toya and Leighton want to give a warm shout out to Sam from Visual Cravings! Sam and Laura have a truly modern approach to their weddings mixing a dash of fine art and traditional photography. Importantly, natural lighting was a vital factor for them, in order to capture special intimate moments inspired by real emotions. Thank you La-Toya and Leighton both so much for allowing us the privilege of working on your wonderful destination wedding. All the best to you both from the entire Liz Moore Wedding Team!

1couple at Ocho Rios gazebo
Firstly, they look so happy and what a beautiful picture! Riu Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
2 La toya getting ready for her wedding
La-Toya is enjoying a moment before her ceremony. Riu Ocho Rios Hair Salon.
3leighton reading a card
Leighton enjoys a heartfelt moment, how adorable!
4wedding shoes by La Toya
La-Toya we LOVE those shoes! One of the reasons being that beautiful colour!
5bride before her special day
Such stunning photography, you are so brought into the moment. The natural light is truly stunning!
6 groom reflect before the wedding
Thoughtful reflection of all the amazing times to come! Lovely picture at the Riu Ocho Rios!
7Exquisite wedding dress
It’s all in the details. Exquisite Wedding dress La-Toya! And we love the matching tuxedo! 
8 Great photography moment for couple
These are the moments! This is so romantic, you have to love that smile!
Adorable flower girl before ceremony
Adorable flower girl before ceremony Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica. The colours are so beautiful!
10 Riu Ocho Riu's has a large wedding gazebo
Riu Ocho Rios, Jamaica has a very special Wedding gazebo that is perfect for larger group weddings!
11tropical trees and caribbean sea
Tropical trees with Caribbean ocean craft this flawless Jamaican wedding photo.
Riu Ocho Rios
Tropical flowers and colour abound around La-Toya and Leighton’s beautifully decorated reception table! Special thanks to both La-Toya and Leighton for providing these fantastic pictures and Visual Cravings photography for taking them!



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