Trash The Dress Shoot with Del Sol Photography!

Primarily, Sol Tamargo has been one of the pioneer wedding photographers taking brides and grooms into places that just weren’t associated with wedding attire. Her sessions are day long adventure treks into some really mind blowing places in the Riviera Maya. Deep in the jungle, the freshwater aquifers “Cenotes” provide the perfect place to do a “Cleanse” with a wedding dress and mother nature.  Furthermore, The term was coined “Trash the Dress” but in many ways, Del Sol Photography sees it as a magical form of creation and art, in many a spiritual cleansing.  Consequently, the ancient Mayan civilization believed the natural sinkholes/cenotes were portals to the underworld to channel their gods. Enjoy! 

Sol Tamargo

5 work of art del sol picture
Firstly, the light streaming in over this bride with a vibrant red reflection creates this work of art Trash the Dress image.
1 bride going through the cenotes
This bride effortlessly glides through beautiful streaks of light making their way through cenotes openings.
3couple on the beach running
Amazingly, Del Sol Photography is well known for creating magic on film with their couples!
4 one of a kind photographers
One of a kind Photography, your imagination is the limit. Del Sol Photography is very creative!
6 bride in the cenotes
Also, a rainbow of colours streams through only possible within the Cenotes of the Riviera Maya, Mexico.
7 bride in the water on trash the dress
An ordinary moment creates and extraordinary photograph.
8 couple in the cenotes
Trash the Dress brings to life the loving, thoughtful, quiet moments.
Trash the Dress is all about Fun! The bluest Caribbean sky helps create this playful moment with the bride! Photo by Sol Tamargo
10 trash the dress photography shoot with Sol Tamargo
You’ll have a lifetime to enjoy your Trash the Dress Photographs with Sol Tamargo.
11 finding the perfect moment with couples
It’s all about finding the perfect moment and capturing it forever for you!
Trash the Dress sessions becomes future artwork for your home!  Photo by Sol Tamargo
 bride in the water on trash the dress.
It’s hard to believe this bride is underwater for this incredible moment in time brilliantly captured by Sol! Photo by Sol Tamargo – Del Sol Photography
14 photography by Del Sol
Nature, natural lighting, and artistic vision create this once in a lifetime photograph. Photo by Sol Tamargo – Del Sol Photography
Trash the Dress is all about light, loving carefree moments that best represent who you are as a couple! Photo by Sol Tamaro
16 photographic perfection by Del Sol Photography
Moreover, just a few flower petals shot in unison with amazing lighting and composition, and there you have it photographic perfection!
Finally, Two worlds meet as one in the wonderful Cenotes of the Riviera Maya Mexico.

In Conclusion,

A very special thank you today to Sol Tamargo and Matt Adcock from Del Sol Photography for sharing these amazing and beautiful Trash the Dress Wedding Photos. Thusly, I love wedding photography, and I always look forward to seeing their work.  Del Sol Photography is the leading, premier wedding photography company in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico.  Ultimately, please go to their website to see more of their amazing work and to get booked in for your beautiful destination wedding plans in Cancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico.