7 Fabulous Destination Wedding Photography Tips

Great ideas of what – and where – to get photographed at your wedding!

Your wedding is the most special day of your life. You have gone through a lot of planning to create the exact fairytale you have imagined for your whole life, and you want to remember it forever. Destination Wedding Photography Tips

Photography is the classic way to reflect on your wedding in the years to come. You want your wedding album to be chock-full of beautiful images that truly capture the magic.

Read on to discover how you can create inspiring and unusual ideas for what and where to get photographed at your wedding.

signs to beach destination wedding ceremony on the white sand beach of Punt cana

A beautiful ceremony set up at Jellyfish Restaurant.  Photo Courtesy of Milan Photo Cine Art, Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

The days before

Even if you cannot afford to get professional photography for anything except the day itself, you should try to take some snaps. Get some pictures of the invitations and anything you have been preparing, such as wedding favours. This will add some fun, personal flavour to your album.

Getting Ready – Destination Wedding Photography Tips

Don’t worry about not having your full face of makeup or your best suit on yet. Get some special, intimate shots taken of you (and you’re intended) as the two of you get ready. It will be a special glimpse that you wouldn’t otherwise get – and these can be some of the sweetest, quietest moments of the entire day.

The details

It’s the little things in life, but these often get forgotten in wedding photography. Taking close up photographs of those small things is a wonderful way to capture them forever – so make sure there is a shot of the bouquet, your shoes, those special cufflinks, the veil, and your hair is styled. These magical tiny moments will build a full picture of your day.

beach ceremony flower and ceremony decor destination wedding photography tips

Cancun Ceremony Set up. Photo courtesy of My Love Films, Cancun Mexico

The Portraits – Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding portraits are a given but don’t just get the big moments like the first kiss and the walk down the aisle. Photographs of the bride in her dress sitting quietly on a windowsill can be a wistful, gentle moment to remember. A picture of the bridal party piling into the wedding cars can be fun and add frivolity. Catch the groom looking a little nervous while he waits for his other half to arrive, and don’t forget to catch dad shedding a tear! It all builds to a rich tapestry. These are just a few of our top Destination Wedding Photography Tips.

Bride grom and guests with sunglasses on beach at destination wedding

Beach destination wedding in Mexico. Photo Courtesy of Caribe Photo, Cancun, Mexico

The wedding breakfast

Your first meal as newlyweds is one to remember. Get pictures of the place settings before people sit down to eat and then of the meal itself. These relaxed moments are lovely to look back on, and you will remember the delicious meal, too!

Dining room at planet hollywood beach with yellow chandeliers and pink chairs

Photo courtesy of Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Cancun, Costa Mujeres, Mexico

The party – Additional Wedding Photography Tips

You might have forgotten all about photography by now, but make sure you get your party caught on camera. From the first dance to the kicking off of shoes, as everyone gets a little merrier, this is the time when everyone lets loose, and the smiles are a little bigger.

destination wedding reception on the beach with tiki lights and flower decor on tables

Destination Wedding beach ceremony. Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Medina Photography, Mexico.

The Last Moment

As the party dies down and you and your new spouse share a last kiss, a final picture caps off your wedding. Has this taken sitting among the party debris for humour or walking away from the party together? You did it, and you will never want to forget a minute of this wonderful day.

Here at Liz Moore Destination Weddings, we love everything about unique destination wedding photography. And it really is those little moments that add up to fantastic wedding memories. We hope you enjoyed this selection of Destination Wedding Photography Tips and advise. We work with wonderful vendors and photographers. All aiming to help create the destination wedding of your dreams!