Destination Weddings & COVID19

Tiss the season coming up for the newly engaged couple! Of course, we all know the wedding world has been turned upside down with Covid19. And I know there will be a plethora of questions newly engaged couples will be seeking around Covid19. I’ve searched the globe for the most up to date COVID19 travel information. And here are my Destination Weddings & COVID19 top tips for couples looking to marry in 2021 and 2021!

Gorgeous wedding couple adorning COVID19 wedding masks

How to face wedding challenges with COVID19

Scenario: Planning a wedding for 2021 is no simple feat. It was already difficult enough planning a regular wedding. Now to navigate through planning a wedding during the COVID19 pandemic is quite another.

I wrote an article in the Travel Courier earlier this year. It mainly dealt with being a travel agent with Destination Weddings & COVID19 clients. If you were a travel agent or wedding couple that experienced a cancellation, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to share your thoughts with couples who may have experienced similar circumstances.

Solution: There is a lot of information out there for couples. Some of it is very informative.  The Knot offers an official guidebook for COVID19 help that want to share with you. It helps couples with many wedding issues they may be facing at this time. We want you to feel safe when planning your wedding.  And we know it’s tough. However, rest assured couples wedding dreams are just around the corner.  We know many of the COVID19 wedding issues of 2020 will be resolved in 2021. Beach weddings will rock again!  And you and your loved ones can enjoy that fabulous destination wedding you’ve been dreaming about.

Indian Couple Wearing Matching Masks

The Times of India highlights picture-perfect COVID19 wedding masks.

Unexpected solutions for the 2020 wedding couple 

Scenario: We want to get married and downsizing our wedding is something we may consider doing.

Solution: Here are some facts I discovered about destination wedding travel according to Travel and Leisure. Many couples have decided to elope rather than go through with their wedding plans. At least for 2020. I think it’s a great solution for couples wanting to marry this year.  Couples have travelled to wed in local destinations, whether Canada or the US. It’s a great way to explore an area of your country that you always wanted to see. And tie the knot without the wait. However, if you don’t mind the wait, you can certainly look forward to a group wedding in 2021 or 2021!

What to know before you go!

Scenario: Covid19 has been all over the map in regards to having a destination wedding. Firstly, we know based on the number of Covid19 cases, wedding plans can easily change. Couples looking for great beach wedding venue ideas may have to do a 180 if the health rules change.

Solution: At home, intimate wedding venues have defined the 2020 wedding. And may also be the trend for early 2021 Destination Weddings & COVID19.  The World Health Organization is a great place to get up to date information about wedding gathering tips for travel abroad. Can you book a Mexico destination wedding for 2021? Yes, you certainly can. However, we are strongly advising a booking a 2021 wedding later in the year. Or even early 2022.  And as always Mexico weddings are still a super hot wedding vacation option for both 2021 and 2022 weddings.

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What do to about booked Destination Weddings 

Scenario: You already had a destination wedding booked for 2020. And unfortunately had to cancel. What should you do now!

Solution: If you booked your wedding with a destination wedding travel agency, odds are you were in great hands. It was an unprecedented time in wedding travel history. And one no couple nor agency wishes to navigate through again. So now what?  Do you go ahead with booking a future wedding now? Or hold off until things get a little calmer as far as Covid19 and travel. My suggestion is to spend time now researching.  Here are some great tips for considering a future destination wedding location.

Additionally, consult with a knowledgable destination wedding specialist. A dedicated wedding travel agent can bring the wonderful world of destination weddings to you. I found a great wedding article from The New York Times. They offer some additional tips on what to do next if you already have an existing wedding booked. Travel agent specialists have all the time in the world right now to assist you with all the information you could ever want.

Where and when can we fly again?

Scenario: I want to book my destination wedding for 2021. Where can I go is the question of the day when it comes to group travel.

Solution: offers some great advice about what engaged couples are thinking about these days. Here are some of the top questions they are asking. Personally, my agency is booking destination weddings at this time. Couples who had to cancel their 2020 weddings are rebooking for late 2021 and 2022.  Presently we can get rates for popular destination wedding locations in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Additionally, Jamaica and Cuba are also booking up. We, along with our couples, feel setting a day for these times future times are very workable.

Beautiful destination wedding couple in a trash the dress photo.

Picture courtesy of Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa– St Lucia

Let’s get real about planning our wedding.

Scenario: Sure, there is a ton of information out there about weddings and COVID19. But what do real couples say about the planning process these days.

Solution: I speak from experience when I say couples are optimistic about planning future destination weddings these days. They do see a brighter future and their guests do as well. The knot shares some wedding couples personal experiences this past year. I found this blog very interesting and informative. As well as realistic in couples expectations. For at-home weddings, it truly is about marriage.

My beloved nephew cancelled his large wedding this summer. And rather chose to have a small intimate wedding celebration with immediate family. Which we were thrilled about. We understood they had their heart set on getting married this past summer. It’s always a very personal choice. Family and friends will be thrilled either way you choose!

Weddings are just around the corner.

Scenario: No doubt about it, it’s still been a hard year for wedding travel. Where to look, what do to, who to talk to.

Solution: But the quest for destination wedding travel still goes on. According to, couples have found promise in booking a future wedding. Of course, it’s a pragmatic process these days when considering group size and destination. Wedding bells offers some great information about tools and techniques found online for future weddings. Most importantly speak to a few travel agencies when doing research. You are going to resonate with some more than others. And that we found will truly make your planning experience simple, easy and stress free.

A great word play on new save the date wedding invites

A humorous way to get a new save the date invite out. Courtesy of Bridal Guide

So where to begin the process. 

Scenario: I’ve set out in this blog to provide you with some wonderful resources out there for a destination wedding amidst the COVID19 pandemic. So what to do now about booking a wedding?

Solution: With 14 + years in the travel industry, I’ve learned a thing or two about wedding couples and destination weddings. Couples who have always wanted a destination wedding can still have one. And my best advice is not to wait until the pandemic is over to plan your destination wedding. Group wedding travel normally is done 1 year to 2 years ahead of the wedding. With that in mind, the winter of 2021 is not unrealistic to plan for now.

I’ve mentioned in this blog, 2022 is also on the table. Start with finding a wedding expert who knows the hottest wedding destinations. And most importantly, how to get you and your guests safely. To enjoy your dream wedding with your extraordinary family and friends.

Destination Wedding Locations

Scenario: So you’ve decided to go ahead with your 2021 or 2022 destination wedding plans. Where can you safely go to have it.

Solution: I cannot say enough about the dedication and protocols my favourite resort chains have put in place over these months with Covid19. Here are just a few of my top destination wedding locations for wedding travel in 2021 and 2021.

Now resorts, Dreams Resorts and Secrets Resorts are all part of the Amresorts chain of properties. They have put together a fabulous website of Covid19 resort status. Within each resort, you can view their COVID19 protocols. Over the years, we have booked hundreds of couples to Amresorts wedding properties. Their regular safety and service provisions are second to none. And their COVID19 protocols make them a very highly recommended choice for your destination wedding.

Beautiful, unforgettable Secrets Resorts Weddings

Photo courtesy of Secrets Wedding Resorts 

When it comes to Destination Weddings and COVID19 Palace Resorts has you covered. Your peace of mind is at the top of their list of priorities. Additionally, Hard Rock Hotels safe and sound protocols are also top-notch. Both chains are very similar in that they offer outstanding food and services. Along with special bride and groom offers like no other. They cost a bit more; however, the overall savings with a destination wedding are substantial. All-inclusive Mexico offers are over the top great for the budget and elaborate destination wedding plans.

There are so many other resort chains that have done an amazing job with COVID19 safety. And I would highly recommend them for your group as well. Check out Iberostar and their time to care COVID19 program. Similarly, Playa Resorts and hotels with their Safety First program. And not to forget our beloved Sandos Resorts have measures to provide the very best of safety to all guests.

Gorgeous Hard Rock Hotel wedding bride

Photo courtesy of Hard Rock Weddings

Conclusion -Destination Weddings & Covid19

To sum it up, newly engaged couples still want to get married! When and how they go about it is strictly up to them. Similarly, their family and friends. And when they are comfortable and ready to travel again. The world has been stuck at home for these past several months. And will continue to be over the next several months I’m sure. I know that sooner or later, the world of travel will open up again. And when it does, get ready for destination weddings to soar. Over and above those beautiful blue skies to your favourite wedding destinations.

Liz Moore 

Destination Wedding Expert