Aruba is a Romantic Paradise!

Aruba is a romantic paradise!  And I can hardly wait to tell you why!  Firstly,  I know there is plenty of good competition when it comes to romantic Island Paradises. However, for me, Aruba offers everything magical under the sun when it comes to proposals, weddings and honeymoons. And of course, destination weddings as well. You’ll enjoy idyllic weather and a plethora of fun-filled watersports. Not to mention sublime beachfront and turquoise blue water. Here are my best reasons why Aruba is an ideal destination for couples in love!


Couples enjoying Aruba beaches in romantic setting
Aruba beaches are so romantic for honeymoon couples.

Aruba’s Picture-Perfect Weather

Weather is one of the top reasons why Aruba is a Romantic Paradise. To sum up,  it has the absolute best weather in the Caribbean. This beautiful, tropical island is just outside of the hurricane belt—so no need to worry about those off chance tropical storms.  As a result, it’s the top Caribbean island we recommend for summer weddings.  Not to mention every other month of the year. Rainy season does occur here. However, the rainy season is lower than it’s surrounding Caribbean islands. Here is a handy Aruba weather guide. So you can plan your special engagement or wedding or honeymoon.

Effortless Aruba Entrance Requirements  

Aruba is now open to visitors worldwide. And best of all, it’s visa-free. This is fabulous when you have guests travelling to your wedding from additional countries. And best of all you can travel safely to Aruba these days. They have rigorous safety protocols in place. Similarly, the resorts are well set up with protocols on Covid19 and additional safety measures.  Thus another reason why Aruba is a Romantic Paradise!

Island Charm- Romantic Paradise

Firstly, Aruba is only six miles wide and twenty miles long. How lovely for an intimate romantic proposal setting. Imagine opening your glistening wedding ring box to your beloved on the purest,  whitest sand. With only the stunning blue Caribbean ocean as your secret conspirer. Aruba is also the perfect location for an intimate destination wedding. No matter your group size, Aruba has amazing accommodations to suit your wedding group. Aruba Regions offer a handy guide to finding the perfect Aruba oasis for your proposal plans. And of course your wedding and honeymoon!

Divinely Romantic Aruba Activities

Personalized & Private Outdoor Dining At Sunset

First on my list for a romantic Aruba engagement is the Hilton Aruba’s Sunset Concierge. This is a private outdoor dining experience featuring an innovative and artisanal menu. Most importantly,  you’ll enjoy your own private concierge. There to assist with all your special surprise details. How perfect for a wedding proposal. Guests can even personalize their evenings by choosing a location such as Arashi DunesBoca Catalina Beach. Or how about popping the question under a beautiful romantic Aruba Divi Divi Tree.  Similarly, you can enjoy a plethora of activities within the resort property. Or throughout Aruba, which will allow for a truly memorable and personable engagement experience.

Incredible hiking locations within Aruba Island
Couples can enjoy scenic day hikes.

Romantic Afternoon Picnic

Picnic Aruba is the island’s official and fully licensed picnic company. Consequently, they offer a wide selection of romantic offerings. It will surely set the stage for a romantic and idyllic Aruba proposal. Chose the “Proposal Picnic” option. And they’ll handle all the details. For instance, they include setting up a luxury tipi in the perfect location. Moreover, this comes complete with divine picnic food and champagne.  And everything else you could ever wish for.  If preferred, guests can customize the picnic by choosing the setup, food, and location. To some up, it’s one of the best reasons why Aruba is a Romantic Paradise!

Divi-Divi tree found only on the Aruba Island
Divi-Divi trees are absolutely beautiful.

Idyllic Nature Proposal Among Rock Formations

The Ayo Rock Formation is a wonderful choice for adventurous couples. Together, they can explore Aruba’s natural beauty. Similarly,  hike to a lovely, picturesque and remote island location. The towering rocks serve as a beautiful backdrop to proposal pictures. And that is something our couple truly love about romantically inspired Aruba. The amazing and stunning Aruba paradise backdrops surrounding this truly magical island.

Effortless Island Travel -Aruba is Paradise

Aruba is a romantic paradise for another fabulous reason. Getting around the island is completely safe. And it’s very easy as well. Firstly, you’ll find it effortless to navigate your way around the island. Roads are modern and very safe. And you have the options of public transportation. Likewise,  taxi’s are plentiful too. Your dedicated travel agent will have great travel advice to take advance of Arubas most romantic and idyllic locations.

Trolley Sightseeing

You’ll definitely want to check out the Trolleys in Oranjestad. They are completely free and so much fun. Especially for a planned group excursion. Not to mention the ease of booking airport transfers. Friendly and island expert resort staff are happy to assist with all your transportation needs. And they also know all the inside scoop on romantic honeymoon locations as well!

Aruba beaches have stunning white sand with the bluest of Caribbean water
Idyllic beaches found everywhere in Aruba.

Breezy Legal Weddings -Romantic Paradise

Here is yet another top reason why Aruba is a romantic paradise. Because both legal and ceremonial weddings are completely hassle-free. For traditional wedding ceremonies, the Civil Townhouse is where you can complete your paperwork. Moreover, all you’ll need is a copy of your long-form birth certificate. In the same vein, your Apostle and negative statement. You can arrange for these prior to your arrival in Aruba. For more specific destination wedding information, feel free to check out my wedding blog through

wedding couple proposal on the Aruba beach
Say I do on the beaches of beautiful, tropical Aruba!

Aruba Ceremonial weddings

For ceremonial weddings, look no further than the four and five star all-inclusive resorts. Our affiliate agency, My Wedding Away, has some great Aruba resort information. Such as the Divi All-inclusive resort. A fabulous location complete with loads of wedding package information. The Hilton Caribbean Resort and Casino has you covered for fantastic ceremonial options as well. There are so many wonderful resort choices for your celebration. And we are here to help with all the details to get you set on the all-inclusive and fabulous, romantic Aruba resorts.

Stunning Wedding Venues

There are also so many spectacular private destination wedding reception options.  The Flying Fishbone Restaurant is a fabulous option. Stunning beach sunsets are what’s in store for you and your beloved guests. All while the deep blue Caribbean ocean lulls you into sublime relaxation. Servers offer up the most delectable gastronomy. It’s all you could ever wish for in the ultimate romantic Aruba destination wedding location.

Another great option is the Faro Blanco Restaurant. You’ll discover Italian food at it’s finest.  Served up with a side of the breathtaking hilltop views of the Caribbean ocean. Fairytale destination wedding receptions are truly created right here. I also love that it’s located next to the islands Lighthouse Landmark. You’ll definitely want to invite your favourite wedding photographer to dinner here! As photography options are to die for!

beautiful romantic Aruba ceremony set up on the beach
Divi Beach Bar

LGBTQ -Friendly Weddings and Honeymoons 

We are always searching the globe for enjoyable and safe destination weddings for our LGBTQ wedding couples. And when it comes to Aruba, our couples are in great hands. Aruba was the first island in the Caribbean to allow LGBTQ weddings. And it’s truly no wonder why. Locals are so inviting, friendly and warm. So whether a romantic proposal or destination wedding, you can be at complete ease here. In short, your dream same-sex Aruba destination wedding is waiting for you!

romantic Aruba same-sex honeymoon beach dinner
Beautiful, romantic sunset evening dinner on the beach

Aruba Honeymoons- Aruba Paradise

Are you searching for the ultimate honeymoon destination? Then look no further than Romantic Aruba. There are so many fabulous all-inclusive resort options. The Ritz Carlton Aruba will have you in spa heaven. They embody this tropical oasis to the fullest extent. Or how about the Manchebo Resort. It’s another excellent honeymoon all-inclusive resort option. Take a lovely meandering swim through the privacy of Eagle Beach together. It’s the little honeymoon special moments that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. And romantic Aruba is here to make them happen!

And how about planning a surprise private candlelight dinner on the beach. A stunning sunset will be your only welcome guest. So romantic and memorable are the options at these resorts. Aruba Honeymoons are truly Why Aruba is the most romantic island in the world!

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about why Aruba is a romantic paradise! It’s really the antithesis of love and romance. Tranquil sublime beach days are what Aruba was made for. And fun-filled nights of good music,  food and great company are what you will come back for. Again and again. Here at Liz Moore Destination Weddings, we have an ongoing love affair with the Caribbean Islands. If you are considering an Aruba proposal, wedding or honeymoon, we’d love to assist!

Liz Moore
Destination Wedding expert