5 Reasons to Have a Sunset Destination Wedding

Sunset Destination Wedding

It’s Incredibly Romantic

Firstly, there is just something so romantic about a Sunset Destination Wedding. If you pair it with candles, roses petals, and twinkle lights, you have a pretty beautiful ceremony. As the sun goes down, you want everything to be timed correctly. You want to be sure that you capture the most amazing setting to say, “I do.”

Romantic Destination Wedding

More Time During the Day

If your ceremony isn’t until the evening, you have plenty of time to get ready. When you have more time, it means you are less likely to be stressed about time. Once you get ready, I would suggest having a special moment between you and the groom when he sees you for the first time. After, you can spend the day, taking your time with your pictures. Best of all, you can touch up your makeup and hair before the ceremony.

Sunset Wedding

Less Time to Wait

One of the downfalls of having a ceremony in the afternoon is that while you are taking your wedding pictures, your guests are waiting for the reception. Why not have a special moment with everyone, take pictures, and really enjoy the day together while you are looking fabulous. Everyone can have fun, go swimming, do activities, and then get ready for the sunset destination wedding while you take your wedding pictures.

Exotic Wedding

Avoid the Heat

Now, if you or your guests don’t do well in the heat, this might be a great option. Chances are that you are having your destination wedding somewhere tropical, so why not change the scenery. Instead of having your guests sitting through your ceremony at the hottest point in the day, why not allow them to actually enjoy a cool ceremony and be waiting for it to end.

Romantic Destination Wedding Ceremony

It’s Unique

When it comes to having a destination wedding, you are already in a unique location and having an incredible experience with friends and family. Why not add to the unique factor and not have a typical wedding. Change up the time, location, party schedules, or anything you want. There is no perfect way to have a wedding, so why not do it in whatever order feels right?

Sunset wedding ceremony

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