Drums In Paradise

Today we have a unique interview with the excellent company, Drums In Paradise. We can’t wait to tell you all about them and why they are a MUST for something special at your destination wedding. So, below you will find all the information you need! I hope you enjoy the feature and leave any questions you may have for them in the comments.

Tell us about yourself and Drums In Paradise

I was born in Toronto, Canada and began studying drums and percussion at the age of 10.  After graduating from the Jazz Drums program from McGill University, I fell in love with my amazing wife, Alejandra who, as fate has it, is a Mexican citizen.  When we got married, we opted for turquoise Caribbean waters over grey snowy winters. So, we have been here in Cancun catering to vacationers and destination weddings ever since!

Our company, Drums In Paradise, offers entertainment experiences for weddings, corporate events and hotel entertainment programs all over the Mayan Riviera.  We are in-house providers of wedding entertainment at many of the top local resorts and can regularly be seen performing all over the Mayan Riviera.

Drums In Paradise

What made you decide to get into the wedding business?

Quite honestly I happened into the wedding business simply through exploring things that interested me.  I’ve been a drumming nearly all my life so when a good friend of mine offered to sell me his water drums I couldn’t resist!  I started performing some weddings with those and mixing them with other drum ensembles and fire shows.  Then while playing with the water drums at a South Asian wedding on the beach, I saw a dhol player accompany the bride and groom.  This drum was something that I hadn’t seen before but immediately felt drawn to it.

Once I was able to play dhol a bit, it turned out there was a real need for a good local dhol player so being able to fill that and combined with being a direct provider of fire shows and water drums doors started opening for us and I found myself in the wedding business!

We now perform roughly 700 events per year offering dhol, water drums, fire shows, glow shows, stiltwalkers, Brazilian drummers and dancers, African drummers, Party Percussionist with light up drums, interactive teambuilding with drums and more.

What is your favourite part of a destination wedding?

My favorite part of a destination wedding is how happy everyone is.  I suppose that’s not unique to destination weddings, but it just so happens that 99.9% of the weddings I perform at are destination weddings!  I love coming to a wedding and seeing the bride, groom, and their loved ones smiling, dancing, and enjoying themselves with our artists.  

What is the most common question you receive?

Are you available? That’s probably the most common question we receive and we always to do our utmost to say yes.  We have a network of incredible artists for almost all the shows we offer. That way, we can provide multiple, quality services at the same time.

What makes your services unique?

 What makes our services unique is our passion.  We are passionate not only about the shows that we produce but also about delivering the best possible experience for you and your guests. How? By providing the best customer service from the time you contact us through the completion of your event.  There are very few companies in the Mexican Caribbean that can create and perform their own shows. More importantly, also communicate and provide the level of service that we do. 

Tell us about a recent wedding that you enjoyed?

A recent wedding I enjoyed was Paresh and Poojas wedding last April.  These guys know how to PARTY!  They came from Montreal and stayed at Moon Palace.   It was a group of maybe 150 people and events every single day.  They hired me to come every night for four nights to play dhol with them, for private events and the club.  It was an eclectic, multicultural, multigenerational party that everyone was there to enjoy and celebrate!

Drums In Paradise

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