Destination Wedding Top Six Swimwear Options

Let’s talk swimwear! We have Destination Wedding top 6 Swimwear Options for your wedding away. We’ve done a lot of different fashion blogs for destination weddings. Whether it’s the attire for your guests, accessories, or wedding dresses, we want to make sure you feel gorgeous every day that you are away for your wedding. I am so excited to share 6 Bridal Swimwear Options that I love! Let us know what you think in the comments or send us your own swimwear ideas here. We love the feedback!

1. The Complete One-Piece Destination Wedding Bridal suit.

Okay, talk about fabulous. You’ve got the bride one-piece, matching hats, Aviator sunglasses with a beautiful pink reflection, which is SO in right now, and of course, the veil. What I like about this outfit is that it’s simple and cost effective.

6 Bridal Swimwear Options

2. The Fashionable Bridal Swim Wear 

Now, if you don’t want to make it obvious that you are a bride, but you still want to rock the white swimwear, I love this option. This one-piece is very flattering, and she has matched it with gorgeous gold accessories. The pink lip adds a bit of fun and completes the outfit beautifully.

Liz Moore Destination Wedding

3. Boho Rose-Gold Wedding Bathing Suite 

I am a sucker for rose gold ANYTHING! So, naturally, I love this outfit. It doesn’t scream, I’m a bride, but it will turn some heads. The unique style paired with lots of accessories is a perfect way to feel special during your destination wedding. Although it’s not ideal to swim-in, the pictures will be fabulous.

Liz Moore Weddings

4. Cover and Flow- The Ultimate Wedding Bathing Suite

If you are looking for something with a little more coverage but still sexy, this is a great option. You can wear whatever colour bikini or one-piece underneath and still feel like a bride with a white cover-up that shows a little leg.

Bride Swimwear

5. Kate Upton Beach Swim Suite Vibes

I feel like a swimwear feature would not be complete without the beautiful Kate Upton. If you are a bride that wants to feel sexy in paradise, I would suggest something like this image. I would consider it a lingerie style two-piece. If you are ready to feel like a goddess, then channel your inner Kate Upton and rock it!

Kate Upton Wedding

6. Red and Low Cut

When it comes to your destination wedding swimwear, don’t feel obligated to wear white. Personally, I don’t feel very sexy in a white swimsuit, but that doesn’t mean I won’t rock some nice bathing suits at my wedding! A red one-piece with some gold accessories is still a fabulous bride in my opinion. It’s your wedding, cut-loose, be unique, and wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks. Confidence is key ladies!

Unique destination wedding

6 Bridal Swimwear Options

We hope you enjoyed viewing our Destination Wedding 6 Top Swimwear Options. If you have a favourite destination bathing suite, we’d love to share it with our brides!

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