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Upcoming Punta Cana Wedding

Upcoming Punta Cana Wedding
Upcoming Punta Cana Wedding

Ash Tonhauser & Chris McIntosh
Weddings Date: April 23rd, 2018
Location: Punta CanaGrand Palladium

Firstly, who is your agent and how did you hear about Liz Moore Destination Weddings?

Allison Tatham. I met Allison while we were working at Edmonton EMS together.

What about your destination wedding are you and your partner looking forward to the most?

Well, I’m looking forward to the beautiful beach, warm weather and overall a relaxing atmosphere to get married in with my fiancé.

Liz Moore Wedding

What made you want to have a destination wedding?

To be honest, they seem like they would be less stressful. Also, you can’t beat the warm weather and the beach. So, why not get married somewhere unique, intimate, and where we will have some fantastic memories together.

Have you decided on any vendors yet? Photographer? Makeup Artist? Floral arrangement?

Most Vendors that we decided to go with are from the hotel. Although, the only exception is we are bringing our friend who is a photographer from Edmonton.

Punta Cana Destination Wedding

What about your destination or resort attracted you to have your wedding there?

The reason we picked this location is because it’s on the beach, it’s been newly renovated, and we found that the price and reviews were excellent.

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