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The Chable Resort

The Chable Resort is a fantastic resort, and we are genuinely proud to call it our Resort of the Month. This unique property will whisk you and your guests away into a sublime paradise. It is an award-winning resort that is considered one of the best resort in Eastern Mexico, and we know why. We will go through the rooms, grounds, amenities, and location. If you are trying to find the perfect resort in Mexico, this might be it.


Now, when we say rooms, we mean a combination of casitas and villas. This small property is perfect for something more intimate. You will find 40 casitas and two villas to choose from for your wedding. Best of all, each suite has a private pool. The rooms are modern, large, and have tons of extra luxuries that will make your time here seem like a dream.

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Something that stood out to our staff is the architecture. This property isn’t your typical resort in Mexico. You will see that it is built around an 18th-century textile factory. But what I love is the combination of old and the contemporary glass structural additions. When you walk around the property, you can spend time admiring amazing Mexican cultural architecture and, additionally, modern facilities with every luxury you can imagine.

Chable Resort


When it comes to relaxation, the Chable Resort has dedicated an incredible section to the wellness retreat. You will find pools, baths, and lovely treatments that will have you feeling completely relaxed for your special day. There are also classes including yoga by the cenote and delicious cuisine at your choice of restaurants. You will feel nothing less than a peaceful experience when you stay here.

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What I love about this resort is that many of the members attending your wedding will have never been here. You are about half an hour from Merida, which is the central city. Also, the surrounding area of the property is so tropical and unique that it will be a fantastic setting for your wedding. Picture yourself fully immersed in a jungle with incredible nature around you. Your wedding will not only be beautiful, but full of adventure.

The Chable Resort

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