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Preparing For The Perfect Engagement

If you have decided that you have found your one true love and are ready to pop the question then there are certain aspects to think about and plan. Your other half may have been dropping regular hints as to what their version of the perfect proposal will be. You could do their idea or think of your own unique idea.

#1. Location

First things first, you need to decide where you are going to ask that all important question. You might be planning to whisk them away to a far away location and ask them while you are there. Quite a popular thing to do is plan it while you are on holiday or something, so you get two lots of celebrations and happiness.Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy like a beach or sunset location. You could do it in your own home or in the garden. It is all dependent on what the both of you like and are into.
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Time to head out to the shops and find the perfect ring for that perfect moment when time will stand still. There are a couple of options here, you can buy a new ring from the shop as you see it or you could get a custom made one. Getting a custom made one will need a budget and a design as to what style you want. You will also need to decide on the type of material you want the ring to be made out of.

#2. Ring

Girl showing off engagement ring with fiance

One important step when it comes to buying your other half a ring is knowing their ring size. The last thing you want when it comes to placing it on their finger is for it to be too big or too small. Try and take a ring that they already own and one you know fits them and get it sized at the jewelry store. This way you won’t have to ask them what their ring size is. 

#3. When To Ask

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Now it is time to take them to the desired location and pop that question, in the hope they say yes! If you are going out for dinner you might be wondering ‘should I propose before or after dinner?’ Only you know the answer to that, if you wanted to wait it out then you could do it after dinner, or if you want to get it over with due to nerves you could ask beforehand.

You should think about whether you are going to get down on one knee, or place the ring somewhere for them to find. There are many ways to propose and it is all about finding the one that will shock them and surprise them all at once.

#4 Think About Decorating

Decor for wedding in Punta Cana

An engagement party is a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of a couple’s journey towards marriage. The perfect engagement party decorations will depend on the couple’s personality and preferences, but some general tips can help make the event extra special. For a romantic touch, consider using these party supplies, a lot of candles, and soft lighting. Pink and red roses are always classic choices for centerpieces or table decorations. Try using streamers and balloons in the couple’s wedding colors for a fun and festive atmosphere. Whatever style you choose, include plenty of photos of the happy couple!

#5. Celebrations

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Finally, your other half has said yes and now you are a happily engaged couple. It is time to plan an engagement party if you decide to have one. You could have one in your house or hire a venue to host it. Whatever way you decide to do it, you can enjoy a celebratory drink with your closest family members and friends.We hope you found this article helpful and reassuring in your quest to be engaged.
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