Beauty Tips for Wedding Day Radiance

Are you a bride to be looking to start wedding planning? Maybe you’re thinking about a destination wedding on the beach or an intimate small backyard wedding. Whatever it is, you have a lot on your plate. You could be overwhelmed with your long list of to-dos, and you might forget to plan out your wedding day beauty routine. If that’s the case don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are some beauty hacks that will help you glow down the aisle.

#1. Skincare

Girl with red hair and makeup smiling

Your wedding day skincare routine should start months before your wedding day. This will give you time to address any skin issues that you may be experiencing. You will also want to figure out and nail down your skincare routine and any treatments you want to schedule. Try to schedule a facial or test out different products well in advance. You will be able to build a customized skincare routine by doing this.

On the day of your wedding be sure to wash your face, moisturize, and prep your skin for any makeup. Incorporate doing an under-eye mask into your beauty regimen for some additional benefits. Under-eye masks give beautiful results by brightening dark spots, reducing puffiness, and hydrating the skin.

#2. Hair Care

Girl with beautiful golden hair long

You might have a vision for your wedding day hairstyle, but you could have some hair health issues causing a roadblock.

Whether your hair type is fine, thick, frizzy, straight, or curly, keeping your hair healthy is essential for the big day. Avoiding chemical treatments before your wedding could be your best bet, especially when hair masks are an option. Like you would with a face mask or under-eye mask, choose a hair mask to incorporate into your big day beauty prep to reap all the benefits.

If you have a bigger issue, for example, hair loss, you will want to start a hair loss treatment weeks in advance before your wedding day. Consult with your physician about starting hair loss pills for women to get your look in tip-top shape. With this treatment you can help to grow fuller and thicker hair in no time, creating more hairstyle options for you to choose from for your wedding day.

#3. Nails

A bunch of different colour nails

Having a fresh manicure for your wedding day is one of the best feelings. You can do so many other things besides getting a manicure to make your hands and nails look amazing for your wedding day. One of the best things you can do for your nails is to keep them hydrated, which can prevent your nails from becoming brittle. Applying nail oil every night before bed will get you Instagram-ready nails for those intimate pictures.

You can also treat yourself to a pedicure. Even though your toes might not be as visible as your fingernails, getting a relaxing pedicure is still necessary, especially with all the wedding stress you could be taking on. Treat your feet right by also choosing a comfortable pair of shoes to wear during the ceremony or reception. After dancing and standing on your feet all night long, you might want another pedicure before you leave for your honeymoon.

#4. Pearly Whites

Teeth with pink lipstick

There is no doubt that you will be smiling a lot on your wedding day. To make sure your pearly whites are shining bright, you might want to consider getting your teeth whitened. Whether you want to take a trip to the dentist’s office or order a teeth whitening kit online, both will do the trick. Clean, white teeth will have your smile looking flawless. Be sure to start this process in advance so you can see the results by your wedding day.

Avoid staining your teeth by staying away from drinks and food that will leave their mark the week of your wedding. Limit your cups of coffee and glasses of red wine so you can keep your teeth white. After all, you probably worked really hard to get your teeth to brighten up so you won’t want to ruin that.

With these hacks, you’ll be looking better than ever on your wedding day. You will be glowing from head to toe as you walk down the aisle and throughout the night. A bride who follows these tips will be able to enjoy her wedding day to the fullest.
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