Hilton La Romana All-Inclusive

Welcome to the newly refurbished Hilton La Romana All-Inclusive resort. Most importantly, one of our beautiful brides, Kateryna married there. Kateryna has shared wonderful information about her wedding at Hilton La Romana. She has advice, knowledge.  And of course, some lovely wedding pictures to share with us today. We hope this great information helps future destination wedding brides. Above all alleviates a bit of stress when trying to find your perfect La Romana All-Inclusive Resort.

Hilton La Romana All Inclusive

 Your La Romana destination wedding and what stood out?

Hilton Romana. Why we picked this property is because of the excellent selection of the locations for ceremony and reception in the wedding package, beautiful spot.

Where was the location of your ceremony and reception at the resort?

Ceremony: Garden Gazebo with Ocean View
Reception: Seaside Grill Deck

Both the ceremony and reception had beautiful views, a private location and were conveniently located to close each other.

Romantic Features of this La Romana All-Inclusive Resort 

  • We got a complimentary upgraded to the Preferred Club (more private)
  • Couple Massage
  • Complimentary Champaign
  • Beautiful decoration in the room after the wedding

Hilton La Romana Wedding Gazebo

Bride Tips for future destination weddings

  • Keep calm when you don’t get responses from the coordinator at the resort right away
  • Discuss with the resort upfront in which currency you will pay in
  • Don’t forget to use all additional services that are included with the package

What was your overall experience with Liz Moore Weddings & Your Agent?

We found them to be responsible, efficient, friendly, welcoming, and caring. When it came to our wedding planning from day one, they were quick with responses, understanding, and always stayed in touch. Also, we loved the service and have already suggested it to some of our friends.

All-Inclusive Wedding Guest Enjoyment 

  • The wedding
  • We love the beach when it was open, it was clear with no seaweed!
  • Beautiful resort, not too big, so it was easy to connect with family and friends

Hilton La Romana All Inclusive Destination Weddings

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