5 Day of the Dead Wedding Accessories

Something that can make a destination wedding unique is picking the right time of year to go. So, if you are planning to go to Mexico for your wedding, why not going during the Day of the Dead? I know, you might be thinking that it’s a dark day, but honestly, it’s about celebrating life. Below we have 5 Day of the Dead Wedding Accessories that are perfect for your special day.

Wedding Cake

Firstly, what I love about the Day of the Dead is the decor. It’s very colourful and your cake can be extraordinary. You don’t have to have the skulls if you think it’s too dark. You can use beautiful colours and bring out the Mexican culture.

5 Day of the Dead Wedding Accessories


As mentioned, you can incorporate fantastic colours and lights for your Day of the Dead accessories. If you are looking not to have a typical wedding, why not spice it up with multiple colours!

5 Day of the Dead Wedding

Little Accessories

Another great accessory is different skulls for name cards! So, if you don’t want too much colour and still have a specific idea about your wedding decor, little accessories might work for you.

Day of the Dead


When you think of Day of the Dead, the chances are that you think about the face paint. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear face paint for the entire ceremony or even reception. It’s a nifty idea for some of your wedding pictures!


Lastly, you can have some unique centerpieces for your destination wedding. You can keep the colour scheme simple and add some little day of the dead accessories to complete the look for your centerpieces.

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