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WeddingDayStory- Offers 7 Great Wedding Photo Tips

I love Paola and her team of Wedding day specialists Valentina, Liliana, Ariadna from Wedding Day Story! They are located in beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Moreover, they work hard to create beautiful destination Wedding pictures and a very memorable experience in the process.  Their mantra “we can’t wait to celebrate your romance in the sun,” could not be said better. They truly do live in a sun paradise and love what they do! Paola was excited to provide 7 great wedding photo tips for brides to get the most out of their Wedding day photography experience.

Tip #1: Getting Ready

Primarily, this session is a great opportunity for your photographer to get some amazing shots of you and your close loved ones- those intimate and fun moments before your wedding ceremony. (Have your photo services start at least one hour prior to the ceremony start).

Great Wedding Photo Tips
WeddingDayStory Photography- Great Wedding Photo Tips

Tip #2: First Look

That moment between you and your partner’s Wedding Day Photo likes to shoot this from afar to allow you both to take in that special moment without distraction. (WeddingDayStory recommends pushing the Getting Ready Session at least 1/2 an hour earlier so you don’t have to rush through it and your pictures are more natural).

Liz Moore Weddings loves this romantic picture of couple with a horse in Mexico
Wedding Day Story – Great Wedding Photo Tips!

Tip #3: Ceremony

Notably, this is the most emotional time of your wedding. It’s the instant when everything you have planning your whole life for your wedding comes to life! (Make sure you fill your photographer in on any surprise appearances, sentimental details or any other remarkable moment you may be planning at this time).

Liz Moore Destination Weddings emotional picture of bride and groom during wedding ceremony in Riviera Maya Mexico
WeddingDayStory Photography – Great Wedding Photo Tips

Tip #4: Wedding Formals and Group Portraits

Importantly, this is an essential part of your wedding day photos. It’s how memories are preserved for a lifetime. (With each picture taking approx. 5-7 minutes you’ll want to have a pre list of the people you need to capture and multiply by this average time say 6 minutes).

Liz Moore Weddings picture of wedding party on beach beautiful setting

liz moore Weddings loves this group fun bridal party photo taken by WeddingDayStory Photography
Liz Moore Weddings loves this fun bridal party photo! Great Wedding Photo Tips

Tip #5: Bride and Groom Session 

Among the flower arrangements, food, music and dancing there are two people at the focal point of a wedding. Therefore, your significant other and you! (Have a little bag ready with a small towel ( its hot in Mexico), a mirror, ad quick make up fix in case you need to freshen up. Bring a bottle of water too!)

Couple on beach after wedding jumping in beautiful white sand beach Mexico

Amazing Indian couple on Mexico beach with horse that Liz Moore Weddings Loves
WeddingDayStory Photography Great Wedding Photo Tips
Liz Moore Weddings loves this couple in tree after destination wedding by WeddingDayStory Photography
WeddingDayStory Photography Couple in a Tree

Tip #6: The Cocktail Party

Furthermore, while we are kidnapping you for your photo session your guests will need to head to the reception for cocktails. It’s a great idea for an hour or so, while you wrap up all your additional photos. (Make sure you book a two photographer package if you are planning any events during the cocktail hour to ensure you’ll have these memories).

Great Wedding Day Photo Tips
WeddingDayStory Photography takes this wonderful picture of destination wedding couple.

Tip #7: The Reception

Finally, your venue selection makes the difference here. Some people have dancing and eating all the way through. Meanwhile, others prepare lots of surprises, videos from their childhood, special songs and shows for their wedding reception. Regardless of your choice, your reception location should accommodate for your requests and provide the proper ambiance for what you are planning. (Make sure the photographers know when the entrances will start so that they can be ready to shoot and also find the most ideal place to shoot from prior to the entrances).

WeddingDayStory Photography takes funny picture of couple at their reception with large bottle of champagne, Mexico
Couple having a blast at their reception -WeddingDayStory Photography and Liz Moore Loves it!

Notably, this photography was by WeddingDayStory | Costa Rica, Mexico & Dominican Republic | Celebrating the Simple Romance of Weddings in the Sun