Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography

Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography- Versatile as it is Exquisite!

Firstly, I have watched Claudia Rodriguez grow over the years into one of the most sought after wedding photographers in Mexico. Why? Because, each picture she does is artistically crafted through a unique vision, extraordinary to her own. Therefore, once that photo is taken, it becomes a treasure to her wedding couples. You will then have a wonderful piece of photographic art that you can frame large in your living room and hold that special day in your hearts forever. Now, let’s see some Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography!

Claudia Rodriquez Wedding Photography did this beautiful Sunset Mexico Wedding picture
Liz Moore Destination Weddings Loves this Sunset Wedding couples picture

Her Style

She perfectly positions her couples in beautiful natural settings. Thusly, that’s one thing in and of itself beyond the completely lovely and eye catching scenery found in the body of her work.

Liz Moore Destination Weddings loves-Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography-destination Wedding couple taken in tropical setting
Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography- Tropical setting

Furthermore, beautiful use of backdrop with these magnificently engraved Mexican doors also combining a floral element as the viewer takes in from afar.  You feel like you are experiencing a very privileged intimate moment between this wedding couple.

Claudia Rodriguez Wedding couple in jungle setting Liz Moore destination Weddings Loves this picture
Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography-Jungle Picture

Only in this region of Riviera Maya, Mexico could you get an amazing picture like this. And, of course, with Claudia’s imagination. With the click of her camera, a one of a kind wedding shot like this comes to life!

Claudia Rodriguez Wedding picture of couples in cenotes
Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography- Wedding couple in Cenotes- Liz Moore Destination Weddings Loves this!

Her Ideas

Cenotes, located  in the Riviera Maya Region of Mexico make for stunning and unique wedding pictures!

Claudia Rodriguez Wedding picture of another couple in cenotes Thank you from the couples
Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography- Cenotes picture Liz Moore Destination Weddings loves this!

Why do couples love destination weddings in Mexico? Because of the great beach shots like this are just a camera click away! Especially when you leave your wedding photographs in the hands of Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography!

Couple on beach in Mexico White Sand Liz Moore Weddings
Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography- Beach wedding couple
Wedding couple on beach with beautiful white sand background
Claudia Rodriguez – Couple on Beach

In conclusion, Claudia hats and lenses off  to you. You are truly a one of a kind and one of my very favorite Destination Wedding photographers, it’s a treat to view your work each and every time!