6 Reasons to Get Married in Belize

6 Reasons to Get Married in Belize

Something great that Liz Moore Destination Weddings has to offer for you is to get married in Belize! We thought it would be important to outline some great reasons that you should have your wedding in Belize. Ever wonder what it would be like to get married in Belize? Read the information below for some answers! Furthermore, if you have any questions, make sure you send us an email.

1. Transportation in Belize is Easy

When you travel to a new country, getting around can sometimes be difficult. However, in Belize, small planes and vans can get you around anywhere you need to go! You can also organize certain transportation with your resort before you get there, just to make it even easier for you to get married in Belize.

Get Married in Belize

2. It’s Incredibly Friendly

If you have been to Belize, most people always agree that is one of the most friendly places you will ever go! Consequently, it is also an English-speaking country, which will make communication a lot easier for you and your guests. When a wedding could become stressful, if something isn’t going right, you want to be in the right hands.


3. The Beaches are Amazing

Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect beach wedding location, Belize should definitely be in your top 1! The crisp, clear, blue water and white sand will make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding and even your wedding photos. You may even want to consider a sunset wedding.


4. Mayan Ruins Wedding Are Available

Also, if you love history or the fact you could get married near something so historic, you will love Belize! Therefore, if you were to get married in Belize, the ruins could be an excellent choice since you can’t in other places of the world. If you want a historical and unique story for your wedding day, the ruins are perfect.


5. You Can Have an Exotic Jungle Wedding

Another great thing about Belize is that getting married at the beach is not the only option for you. Meaning, you can also get married in the jungle! You can surrounded by magnificent trees or a serene waterfall, sounds pretty perfect to me.


6. It’s Easy to Get There and Back

Additionally, you can fly to Belize from Canada or the United States with ease. Therefore, making a complete adventure out of your wedding and enjoy the journey leading up to marrying the person you love.

In conclusion, let’s head to Belize!

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