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Destination Wedding Decor

Advice From Bride-To-Be and Liz Moore Travel Agent Specialist, Allison Tatham.

This week, Allison Tatham, a travel agent specialist for Liz Moore, answered some questions regarding her upcoming destination wedding. So, if you missed out, make sure you check out her advice on Destinations, Resorts, and the Wedding Day. We have asked Allison 3 personal questions about destination wedding decor and hopefully this help future brides. All engagement photography by the wonderful Barbara Rahal Photography! Let’s check it out!

#1: Do you have a set theme for your wedding? Or colours?

We do not have a theme other than “wedding”. We chose Coral for the bridesmaid’s dresses and will likely have colours that will coordinate. There were many options to choose from, but we know that the backdrop will be spectacular, and there is no need to take away from the natural beauty that surrounds us.

destination wedding decor

#2: How do you sort out your flowers, centrepieces, and other aspects of the wedding?

Essentially there is a list to choose from for these specific items. If there is something specific that I would like that is not on the list, all I have to do is ask. Flowers are seasonal, so sometimes it’s impossible to get what you want due to them not being available. However, the resort will make its best effort to make this day perfect. I can also bring my centrepieces to the resort or anything else that I wish to include in my wedding. Some resorts charge a small set up fee to include personal items, but sometimes it is well worth the cost to add that personal touch.

destination wedding decor

#3: Is it easy to communicate with your wedding planner when he/she is in Mexico?

I always start with an email to the wedding planner. If I am unable to get in touch with my wedding planner or just need a quick answer, I give him a call.  His English is not perfect (neither is my Spanish) but I have never had an issue getting the answers that I needed. It ‘s hard sometimes to wait for answers. However, I have to remember that other people are celebrating their weddings there throughout the week. The wedding coordinator could be out with another couple during their special day.

View More: http://barbararahalphotography.pass.us/am
Barbara Rahal Photography

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