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Welcome to Destination Wedding Advice – Kyle & Carmen with our featured Liz Moore Destination Weddings couple, Kyle and Carmen. This wonderful couple took the time to review every aspect of their wedding for us! Today, they will be discussing a variety of topics. Firstly, discussing why they decided to have a destination wedding. Following with, their own personal story and finally, the resort that they decided to book with. They had our very own Keeley Dahl as their travel agent specialist, who they completed adored. Moreover, let’s hear about this wonderful wedding!

Why Did You Want a Destination Wedding?

We knew almost immediately that we wanted a destination wedding. My husband’s
brother and sister-in-law had a destination wedding four years prior in Mexico (also through
Liz Moore- hence the referral), and everyone had such an amazing time that the whole
family really couldn’t wait to have another one.
Although there is a downside, in that there will be some people really important to
you that can’t make it (due to financial reasons, inability to get time off work, or personal
reasons such as pregnancy or new babies). We knew having a destination wedding would
create a much more intimate experience and that we’d get to designate our time to really
enjoying the moment with most of those closest to us.
More than anything, the main thing that drew us to have a destination wedding was
that you get an entire week, rather than just one day, to celebrate and have the time of your
lives with your friends and family. At most traditional weddings, people come from
near and far for a weekend at most; you’re so busy planning and ensuring everything is perfect
that you really only get to see people at the reception, and then the bride and groom often
spend the entire night rushing around to greet and thank everyone for coming, so the night
becomes more about that than having fun.
With a destination wedding, you greet them all at the airport, have a couple days to settle in once you’re there, the wedding coordinator at the resort deals with almost everything and you just need to add a few personal touches, and you have the entire week or more to thank everyone for coming, so the actual wedding day is so much more relaxed and you truly get to spend it having fun!

What’s the Story Behind You and Your Husband

My husband, Kyle, and I met in university almost five years ago at Thompson Rivers
University in Kamloops. We had both completed our BSc degrees previously and were
entering the Respiratory Therapy program in a fast-track stream. However, because our focus was slightly different, we were placed in a small group of students doing the same thing so we could catch up on the things we would miss by skipping that year.
FullSizeRender (3)
On the first day, we ended up sitting next to each other, and when the instructor informed us that we would be paired as lab partners with whoever we were sitting with, Kyle turned to me and said, “ I guess you’re stuck with me.” Little did he know, we would be stuck with each other much longer than the duration of our lab.
We soon became inseparable spending almost 24/7 together, partially out of survival for such a gruelling course spending so much time learning in class and studying out of class, and partially because our relationship came so easy and we liked to spend our down time together too.
The next year when it came time for us to move on to our clinical rotations, there was no question that we would do it together. So we continued on to Victoria for the first six months, which is where Kyle is from, so luckily I was able to get to know his family well in our time there and couldn’t have loved them anymore. Then we moved on to Vancouver General and BC Children’s for the rest of our clinical rotations. We somehow survived the program, graduated together, and both got jobs back in Victoria where we have remained ever since.
After three years together, Kyle and I took a trip to Europe, where he proposed on a balcony overlooking the Caldera in Santorini at sunset. Although I was too stunned and overjoyed to even remember what he said, everything about that moment and the rest of the trip was perfect.
liz moore destination wedding advice - Kyle & Carmen

Kyle and I have both always shared a passion for travel, whether it’s for the culture and history, or simply to enjoy the beauty of what the world has to offer. It only seemed appropriate for us to travel somewhere beautiful to say our vows.

What Resort and Location Did You Go To?

We chose the Dreams La Romana in the Dominican Republic for our wedding. It was
kind of a process of elimination for us. We didn’t really want Mexico, being as the family had already done one there and many of our friends were going to some there within the same year or two.
dreams la romana
Randomly, in a google image search of destination weddings, I stumbled across two wedding photos at Dreams La Romana – one of the garden gazebo and one of the seaside grill reception venue. I was instantly in love and knew that I would try everything to try and make this the venue for my destination wedding. After a lot of price comparisons and price matching and back and forth between airlines, we found a reasonable price with Transat Airlines and set a date with the wedding coordinator at the resort.
The resort itself was unbelievable!! I hadn’t actually been to an all-inclusive before my wedding, so I had nothing to compare it to! However, the majority of my guests have been to many, and most said this was easily their favourite and the best layout of any they have ever seen. Everything is very clean, and most of the staff is friendly, although we did have some problems with the front desk staff and the concierge.

Next Week…

Furthermore, next week we will be discussing more with Kyle and Carmen! We will have another edition of Destination Wedding Advice – Kyle & Carmen where we will be discussing extensive information on the resort they had for their wedding. Stay tuned!

destination wedding advice - Kyle & Carmen

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