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Suzanne Le Stage Photography

Kelowna Okanagan wedding Photography - Suzanne Le Stage - Big White - Crescendo (4 of 2)

Eyes of Le Stage

Suzanne Le Stage Photography is one of a kind. Today, we will be highlighting some of her beautiful photography and get to know her better. Also, we will have all of her contact information below so you can check out more of her work!

Suzanne Le Stage Photography
Wedding Kelowna Photography – Suzanne Le Stage – Lakeshore

Tell Us About Yourself

“Growing up on a small farm, my first subjects were quite often my beautiful little horse Sweet Sue, our many cats, and dogs. I started photographing my family and friend’s lives. It wasn’t long before I found myself shooting their weddings, then the babies and watching their lives develop. My passion for photography grew along with them. I always had my camera in hand. Of course, taking photography courses whenever I had the opportunity.”


Why Photography?

“I have always loved photography and feel so fortunate to be able to spend my days as a photographer. Over the years, I’ve developed a genuine love for capturing people’s true essence through my camera lens. Not to mention, I love photographing weddings and consider it an honor to be invited to share part of a couple’s special day.”

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Suzanne Le Stage – Okanagan Vernon-Kelowna Wedding Photography

What is it About Weddings?

“I look through my lens with artistic vision and feeling genuinely from my heart while being sensitive to the bride and groom’s cherished moments. My presence is calming, gentle and discreet, capturing the true essence of your wedding day in a quiet, graceful manner.”

Kelowna Okanagan wedding Photography - Suzanne Le Stage - Big White - Crescendo (1 of 1)
Kelowna Okanagan Wedding – Big White

Why Suzanne Le Stage Photography?

“I respect the promise I have made as a wedding photographer. I watch for beautiful spontaneous moments of joy and emotion while also paying attention to the essential details. Moreover, the story of your day will be told with a sensitive eye and a commitment to true love.”

Kelowna Okanagan wedding Photography - Suzanne Le Stage - Quails Gate Winery (3 of 1)
Kelowna Okanagan Wedding – Quails Gate Winery

Where Do You Usually go for Weddings?

“I am available for Destination Wedding and Family Photography, in but not limited to; Kelowna, Okanagan, B.C. British Columbia, Tofino, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Big White, Whistler, Banff, Lake Louise, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Winnipeg, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Italy.”


Contact Information


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