5 -Must Do Pre-Wedding Travel Planning Tips!

5 Pre-Wedding Planning tips #1Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

How to Prep Together For Your Destination Wedding!

A wedding is a joyous occasion, and you’ve decided to have a destination wedding after asking yourself some essential questions. Now that you have your beautiful travel plans confirmed, the two of you have a lot of time to prepare! Keep reading below to find our 5 pre-wedding planning tips that you and your soon-to-be spouse can prepare together for your destination wedding.

5 Pre-Wedding Planning tips #1 - Exercise

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Start A Pre-Wedding Fitness Routine

Most newly-engaged people will start working out to look their best for their wedding day. The first of our 5 pre-wedding travel planning tips is starting a fitness routine can do wonders for your immune system, which is perfect for making sure you don’t get sick while you’re in a country that your body isn’t familiar with. This is a task you can start doing as soon as you’re engaged and it’s always easier to stick to a plan when you have someone doing it with you. Additionally, you both should look into starting a new diet plan to go along with your new fitness routine to make your body as healthy as possible. A healthy couple is a happy couple, so take care of your body before the wedding to ensure you feel and look as good as possible on your big day.

Pre-Wedding Planning tip #2 - Shop for Non-Wedding Wardrobe
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Shop For Your Non-Wedding Wardrobe

The second of our 5 pre-wedding planning tips is, although your wedding is the main event and you want to make sure that you have everything you’ll need for that day, chances are you’re going to be at the destination for more than just your wedding day. This means you’re going to need weather appropriate clothes, sunglasses, hats, sandals, and other things for the days surrounding the wedding. Take some time and look for clothes that are appropriate for your destination and venue. You can even be super cute and find matching outfits that let the whole world know that you belong to each other throughout the entirety of your trip.

Tip #3 - De-Stress

Plan a Bride and Groom Spa Day

What better way to get rid of some of that wedding planning stress than getting a massage and facial in a completely different country! Pick a time before the ceremony and plan it in advance. Use your destination wedding as secondary means to take a much-needed mini-vacation with the person you love. If you’re worried about leaving your guests unattended, plan an optional group activity for them while you’re at the spa. Or, plan on arriving a day early or staying a day late to spend some alone time as the bride and groom. Our Destination wedding planners will be more than happy to help you with the details!

Planning tip #4 - Pack a Wedding Emergency Kit

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Pack Your Wedding Emergency Kits

There are plenty of sites all over the internet that have specific “emergency kits” tailored for the bride and groom. The fourth of 5 pre-wedding planning tips is to take the time to create your kits together so that you both know that the other person has everything they need. This goes for packing as well. Find a destination wedding checklist that encompasses everything you’ll need for your trip and divvy up who’s going to bring what items. The goal here is to make sure everyone is on the same page, and so that both the bride and the groom can prepare together.

Tip #5 - Shop for Wedding Party Gifts

Search For Bridal Party Gifts

Typically when shopping for the bridal party gifts, the bride chooses for the bridesmaids and the groom chooses for the groomsmen. Our final of 5 pre-wedding planning tips is that there’s no reason why the two of you can’t do this task together! A destination wedding gives you a unique opportunity to buy bridal party gifts that are in line with either the theme of the wedding or the destination itself. You can help each other find gifts that will make the bridal party remember your gorgeous event every time they use their favors.