Summer Destination Wedding Dresses

Summer is here! We wanted to celebrate by showing off some fantastic Summer Destination Wedding Dresses. If you are looking for some inspiration for your wedding dress, hopefully, these will help. Tell us in the comments what you think!

Full Lace with an Open Back

How beautiful is this dress? This dress would be perfect for a destination wedding because it’s open, free, and you won’t overheat. You will also find that this will show off your figure amazingly!

Summer Destination Wedding Dresses

Simple A-Line

If you are looking for a simple dress, this is a great option. It is not only flattering but elegant. The lace, spaghetti straps, and flowing train will have everyone in awe over you. Plus, with a simple dress, you can fun with the accessories.

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When it comes to a strapless dress, I like this option a lot. You can wear your hair any way you want, dress it up or down with accessories, and still feel supported with the right fit. Make sure that you find a dress that makes you feel comfortable and that you can dance in with no problem!

Liz Moore Wedding Dresses

Short and Strapless

Now, for summer destination wedding dresses, you have to include a short option. I usually don’t prefer short dresses but how gorgeous is this one? It’s fun, playful, and talk about comfortable. Destination weddings are all about having a great time in the sun with your friends and family, and this dress could be the perfect one to do that in!

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Something that is trending at the moment is two-piece dresses. I like to suggest this type of dress if you are looking for something more casual. Don’t be fooled, and you can still make a two-piece dress very elegant.

Unique Lace

Lastly, if you want a dress that stands out, look for something with a unique lace pattern. Another trending dress style is having lace everywhere with a little more revealing than usual. I think you can get away with showing a little bit more at a destination wedding!

Unique Liz Moore

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