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Zackary Leblanc-Amato Talks Same-Sex Weddings, Destination Wedding Planning and More

Zackary Leblanc-Amato Talks

When it comes to destination wedding planning, Zack is one of our experts. Today, Zackary Leblanc-Amato talks same-sex weddings, LGBTQ unions, destinations, resorts, and everything in between. We even asked him a personal question about his wedding! We are excited to showcase Zack, and if you have questions for him, his contact information is below. So, let’s get this talk started!

Zackary Leblanc-Amato Talks Advice


Tell your bridal party about the destination before you ask them to stand by your side. That way, they can gracefully decline if finances are tight. Also, don’t be upset if some of your closest friends or relatives don’t attend.  My favourite saying in “Forget about the Wedding and focus on the Marriage.”  If you do this, you will be without stress the entire process.

Second Tip: Don’t be worried about guests not being able to attend!

RELAXXXXXXX!!!!!!!! Everything is gonna be alright.  I get this concern voiced to me daily.  In all honesty, your family and friends will surprise you. “Most” people will book at least a one week vacation a year. The fact being that they get to vacation with a good chunk of their family and get to witness a beautiful couple exchange vows is icing on the cake.  So, after deposits are all in I send a final guest list to the couple and their usual response is “WOW, I would have never thought they would have booked.”

Zack Talks LGBT Community and Same-Sex Weddings

Zackary LeBlanc

Controversy? Problems? Concerns?

Absolutely. There are even some resorts in Mexico that won’t allow same-sex marriages to take place even though the country is 100% on board with legal binding same-sex marriages.  I truly don’t see the reason or HOW they are even able to get away with this but it is what it is, and for that sole reason I do not support those brands. Having said that, I do feel I have a due diligence and obligation to contact my wedding couple and advise them of these ridiculous comments so they can decide for themselves.

The primary concern is being on display! Every single one of my couples tries to avoid any hassle with other guests watching their wedding as if it is a reality TV show.  Having said this 99.9% of the time, I advise my LGBTQ couples to take advantage of a private ceremony and reception that is not in plain view for everyone to sit and watch.  Every resort has this, so all you need to do is ask for it.


Most Gay-Friendly: Mexico. Least Gay-Friendly: (This is based upon their government’s laws) Jamaica.

Zack Destination WeddingsWhy Have One?

I look at it like this, most gay weddings at home have the same amount of guests they would have at a destination wedding. So, being that destination weddings are cost effective, stunning without too much decor why not get a week out of your special day than just a one-day event and it’s all done?

Zack, What About You?

Are you biased when it comes to resorts?

Not at all!! I do always advise though of places I have been as I will never sell a resort or destination I have not experienced myself as that would be playing with fire especially considering this is a couple’s wedding, not just a group vacation.  Furthermore, I highly recommend to a lot of my couples that if you have been to a particular destination and resort that you love why not return home for a week and celebrate one of the most important days of your lives.

What was your favourite part of your destination wedding?

My most favourite part was to be able to spend an entire week with both my immediate family and my new family and of course my closest friends.  I could not imagine it being any other way.  So, I cannot justify a wedding at home for double the cost it would be for a Destination Wedding.

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