Wedding Day Tips With Kristen Borelli Photography

When it comes to your special day, you want all the information you can get to ensure it’s perfect. We always like to post features on different advice from professionals. Today, we asked the wonderful Kristen Borelli from Kristen Borelli Photography to help us out this month. Because destination wedding photographers have traveled, been to countless weddings, and have seen things go wrong, it makes them one of the best people to ask for advice. If you have any questions or wish to contact her about her lovely photographer, her contact information is below. Let’s get started on our Wedding Day Tips with Kristen Borelli Photography:

Wedding Day Tips With Kristen Borelli Photography
Wedding Day Tips With Kristen Borelli Photography
1. Pay the extra money and get your makeup done professionally. Not only will this enhance your features in the photos, but it will also keep you from getting shiny skin that can be easy to get while in the sun all day!


2. Drink lots of water, especially the day before your wedding. Destination weddings usually involve all you can drink, so be sure to take it easy on the drinks a day or two leading up to your nuptials and hydrate! Hydrated skin goes a long way in the photographs. Upping your water intake will also help you to avoid heat stroke.


3. Avoid getting a spray tan before you take off as the skin can appear even more orange in the pictures. Also, always use lots of sunscreen. Most photographers would agree with me when I say I do not photoshop tan lines. It is the bride’s job to take this into her own hands and do whatever she can to avoid those crazy tan lines that might be shown while in her wedding gown.


4. While spending the days in the sun pre wedding, be sure to wear a hat as much as possible. Even the slightest burnt nose can be distracting in photos.

5. Don’t fret the little stuff. One of the reasons most of my brides decide to jet away to get married is because they don’t want to deal with all of the small details. You have to take a step back and let the venue handle this. Trust me, and it isn’t worth stressing over anyways!


6. Avoid foods that might upset your tummy. It is common to catch a little bug while in another country. The different environment and foods might not sit well in your stomach so be sure to play it safe a few days leading up to your wedding day.

7. If you choose to get married on the beach, be sure to choose a venue that has a relatively private beach ceremony area. If it were me, I would choose somewhere that wouldn’t have spectators in the background of your photos.


8. Stop and take it all in. It can be easy to be in “go mode” all day, but this will possibly be the only time that all of your closest friends and family will be in paradise with you, so you have to enjoy every minute of it. I got married almost five years ago in Huatulco, Mexico and was fortunate to have 44 guests attend. It was by far the best memory I have in my life, and I would give anything to go back at that moment.


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