10 Romantic Quotes that Will Make You Smile (featuring .GIF’s)

romantic quotes

Primarily, here at Liz Moore Destination Weddings, we talk a lot about weddings, resorts, and destination. Today, we want to do something different. Our goal is to put a smile on your face with love. Yes, some of these quotes are a little cheesy, but hopefully at least one of them will put a smile on your face. Tell us which one of these romantic quotes is your favourite in the comments below and if you like this idea, we will keep them coming! If you are happy, we are happy. Now, let’s get to smiling!

1. Who Doesn’t Love Pooh Bear?

2. One of the Best Quotes From Friends

3. You Can’t Have a Romantic List without the Notebook

4. I Would Love for Leo to Look at Me, in Any Way

5. There is Always Someone that Understands, Mine is…Well..My Mom

6. That’s the Secret, Right?

7. Okay, Please Be Together Already. Enough is Enough.

8. We Still Have One Hollywood Couple Madly in Love

9. Such a Classic Line, Are You Smiling Yet?

10. You Still Have to Love Queen B and Her Man!

In Conclusion,

We love romantic, cheesy quotes! Hopefully, we didn’t miss any that you were hoping for. If we did, make sure you tell us in the comments. Keep your eyes out for more blog segments like this!

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